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Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Hour Practice Plan for two friends

It's been awhile since I just hit with someone. The male ego doesn't relate well to just hitting for fun, but I have a partner now that just likes to hit. And it reminded me about my developmental days--when I dated a girl that played, we would practice all the time and not play sets, well a different kind of sets... sorry. anyways this practice which I haven't done since formed the foundation of my lessons.

5 minute warm-up--mini tennis, then volleys--we would volley straight ahead, cross court fh, and cx bh. (cx crosscourt).

then groundstrokes straight, cx fh, cx bh--20 minutes

then, serves and returns--playing only cx fh/cx bh 20 minutes

then, cx fh but one volleyer and one baseliner. 20 minutes.

and some days we would do it longer.

nowadays it's called a lesson :D AHAHHA

find a partner that you want to practice with and someone to play. this practice is the equivalent of playing three sets--now do it at 12 noon like we did...and let the fainting begin...12 noon in bangkok...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fast Courts vs Slow Courts

Coach... I can't tell if it's fast or slow...

Um... first, just look at the court? Is it grainy? Does it look rough or is it smooth? When the ball lands, does it grab? I've played on courts so slow, when the ball lands, it actually pauses then comes up, and I've played on courts so fast, that it accelerates after impact. The worst court I ever saw was a checkerboard grid of small square tiles--when the ball hit the small 2 cm gap between the tiles, it would skip/slide. Fastest court I have ever played on--BUT I have never played on carpet. Next fastest is the popular rubberized surface that you see in colleges--it's a multi-platform sport surface used for volleyball, basketball, and tennis. It's like a gym floor made out of rubber--the ball slides on impact due to the slick surface--Creighton University, University of Washington had this. Awesome stuff. Wellesley had something that was a composite like the tiles and this. Almost impossible to just rally. The next set of fast courts would be the indoor court that is just an old outdoor court. The cost of re-doing it would be very high so the surface just starts to wear down and gets very slick. The funniest courts are ones where they redo the surface, but it's PAINTED... One of our city courts had this done, it was like putting oil on the surface--the ball just slipped everywhere, but your feet were fine.

Overall, guidelines: appearance, then watch the ball as it lands. If it looks like glass, plays like glass, it's glass. AHAHAH

In Bangkok: the fast courts:

Santisiluk Court soi 36 Sukhumvit, BB Tennis off of Rama 3, Trinity Sports Complex Soi 5 Silom, Primary Section Assumption Soi 11 St. Louis Silom.

Medium Courts:
Bangkok Patana School, Piyarom Club soi 100, Soi 102 Club, James Cuesta Tennis Academy Soi 50 Sukhumvit, British Club Soi 18 Silom, Tennis Academy of Asia at Muang Thani

Slow Courts:

Ptt Tennis courts soi 50 (must have an employee to play there)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BB Tennis

Located by Tesco Lotus by Rama 3, this facility houses 7 tennis courts, a practice wall, and a small area to get drinks. Cost range from 60-100 baht. The surface is very fast, but the hitters are very good. I recommend Somprasong, the current Champion of the BB tennis Tournament. He's a very good hitter. Phone number: 026782472

Prem Tennis Center

Prem Tennis Center
#1 Choice for Tennis in Asia

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