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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trick Shots are cool.

Tennis Lesson: Serve and Volley beats the LOB

Textbook Doubles: Down the Middle

SloMo: Backhand Return of a Pro

Gap Attack

Drop and Charge

Textbook Doubes: Close in on the Low Return

Tennis Lesson: Where to serve in Doubles Deuce side

Doubles Return of Serve

5.0 Singles: Pete vs G Sept 15, 2010

Drop It

Tennis Lesson: Serve and Volley PLay the Short Court

Singles Lesson: Use the Whole Court

Backhand Dropshot

How to hit a slice backhand on the Rise

How to hit the Running Slice Backhand

Backhand Slice Lesson One: Contact and Swing

Tennis Drills Volleys: Cops and Robbers

Lil Tennis: Fun Games for Lil Kids--Freeze Tag

Tennis Drill: Taking the Net from guys already at the net

Tennis Drill: Swing Volleys

Where do ALL Swing VOLLEYS go?

How to beat the Dinker...but you got to be GOOD

How to Beat the Dinker

How to Counter Punch Pro Level

Live Ball Patterns Pro Women

Side View: How to Catch a Ball with Your Racquet

Hi10spro: Secrets of Pro Practice Vera Zvonera

Live Ball Drill: Crosscourt Forehands

Singles School: Importance of Feet in Forehands

5 minute Workout: 100 Forehands and Backhands Wall Drills

Alvaro's Forehand and How Far Back do you Stand

Dangers of the Runaround Forehands

HD SloMo: Backhands

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Semifinals: #2 vs #3 Seed Doubles Pattaya-Tennis.com tournament

็How to DISGUISE your one handed Slice and Drive

IronMan Tournament Final Round: Natthawhee vs G Aug 13, 2010

NTRP 5.0 Volleys and Groundies Warm ups

Tennis Lesson : Close up View of Volleys:

volleys and overhead warm ups may 30 2009

Textbook Doubles: All Four Players at the NET

Singles Lesson: When to Approach the Net

Doubles Practice Match April 2009

Volley Demonstration by a Top Five in the 40's

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Runaround Forehand?

Side View: Volleys and Lobs

Slow Motion Volleys of a Pro

Control the point when you're at net against one up one back

Pro Forehand SLoMo: Futures Thailand August 2010

Tennis Lesson: SLoMO--Pro two hander of backhand

How to Hit the Jump Backhand: SLoMO Bangkok Futures Aug 201

SLOMO: Forehand Bangkok Futures Aug 2010


SLoMO: Volleys

SLoMo Volleys and Overheads

SloMo Serves of Women Pros

SLoMo Volley of a Top Junior

SLoMo Forehand: Super Dan of www.pattaya-tennis.com

SLomo: Donald Youngs Forehand Return

SloMo: Donald Young Backhand Return

SloMo: Donald Young Backhand Return

SloMo: Backhand and Forehand Returns of a Pro

SloMo: Backhand and Forehand Returns of a Pro

SloMo: Pro Two Handed Backhand

SloMo: One Handed Backhand

SloMo Lesson: How to Hit the Pro Topspin Forehand

SloMo Lesson: How to Hit the Pro Topspin Forehand

SloMo Serves

Lesson 15: Adding Weight to the Backhand Slo Mo

SloMO Twohander Wrist Action?

SloMo Backhand Drive

SloMo Backhand Drive

SloMo of Backhand on the Rise

SloMo Backhand Slice

SloMo of an Awesome Forehand

SloMo of an Awesome Serve

SloMo Shuai Peng's Forehand Return

SloMo of a Pro Serve

SloMo Forehand Service Return of a TOP Player

SloMo of Alvaro's Backhand

SloMo Analysis of Shuai Peng's Two Handed Forehand

SloMo: Shuai Peng's Volley