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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie Review: Bangkok Dangerous

I have to say. I really liked this movie.

Classic scene 1. Nicolas Cage is eating hot food with his date. She give him Tum Yum Goong. HAHAHA how classic is that?

There's something about Nicolas Cage that makes him so likeable.

I'm writing this as I watch the video so I'll continue this later.

The things I loved about the movie. It is shot in Bangkok. You see Nick walking around the BTS, Floating Market, Soi 23, Saladang, and along the streets. There are Thai people in the movie. I especially like the parade down Narathiwat past Chong Nonsi BTS by Silom and circle around. It looked like it was shot at noon on some random day--that must have been a logistical nightmare.

I liked the eloquence of the movie. How it ties things together, yet it is still sort of real. To me and I know I'm really taking a big step here, BUT it's my opinion that this movie shows the typical foreigner coming here and falling for the environment. I mean if you want a place to start over, Bangkok may not be perfect, but it's doable. The people here are quite quick to ask about your salary, but not about why you are here? They'll tell you you gained weight, but the serious questions are left alone. I like that. And in this show, Cage falls into that sort of rhythmn. It's eloquent to me.

I am not going to discuss the plot or the movie anymore.

I enjoyed it, but hey, my favorite movies so you can compare:
1) The Inside Man. 2) Click 3) Battlestar Galactica (series) 4) The Nottie and the Hottie.

As you can tell, I'm a serious videographer. and I did take a cinema class in college, Cinema 101--it was awesome--watch a movie and go to a TA session. SWWWEEEETTTT.

Serving Lefty as a Righty

I'm at the point where I'm thinking about doing it in competition.

Whatever you do with your right, you can do with your left--well, for me, since I've been lifting weights and I can do equal weights on the right and left, I figured why not?

The key is to approach it like you're learning the serve for the first time. Start with a push serve, a half-motion serve, a full motion, then add the jump. And continue to compare it to the right side--if you switch back and forth, you will get the feel on the left side of your body.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gary's Girls Cheering for him

this is hilarious as my "fans" cheer for me in a basketball game...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trailer of our GREAT times at 3rd Thailand National High School Debate Championships

here it is...

the longer movie will have to wait, i need a better camera...

Friday, November 14, 2008

RIP Roger

I have the utmost respect for this great champion, but after watching him lose to Gilles Simon, wheels but not too many deals, Murray the Delicate, and a slew of other giant killers. I hate to say it, but it's not Roger's time anymore. And moreover, it's absolutely amazing how fast the decline is.

Roger is magic. He can do everything and well, BUT now so can all the youngsters. It's amazing that at the Master's Cup he was the oldest. Nowak is 21, Nadal is 22, Tsonga 24, Murray 24, Simon 23, etc.

What I really notice is that after or in long rallies, the kids win. And the kids can fly--they can nail it, drop it, volley it, serve it, and smash it. They can do everything, also.

And Simon can play, but to me, he's really like a gazelle that has one or two horns--he is incredibly fast, but weapons, more like a combination of his entire game. And Murray is just not that strong mentally, BUT he is very talented so if he's not performing at 100%, it's enough. At one point in the second set, 5-2--he had lost 2 points in his service game--and after the announcer said that, he got broken.

The best line I heard from Vijay (And that's not v-deejay) is only one number one player has returned to a number one ranking after losing it. Lendl.

After years of cheering against Roger, because he was just so damn good. I think it's time to cheer for him. The wins are going to be harder to come by.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And I met the girl of my dreams...

I've been playing tennis at a new place the last couple of weeks, and I've met a new breed of player--she's so modern style that I had to shoot video. she's solid, but she doesn't play tournaments anymore. I talked to her a few times, she's in the group we play with, BUT I don't remember her name--hey I've gone there twice and met like 12 people. I call her rookie, and I hope to convince her to play again. She's so good. I know her real name, but not her nickname, and I'm not giving out either anyway, BUT damn, she's good.

her backhand return

note the balance.

her forehand is a rock too. she can also volley.

she needs some work, but she could be a contender. she's 15.

hehhehehe and no, there's no romantic involvement. BUT damn, if I have a baby girl, she's going to play like this.

Forehand REVISITED-- Boy's Number One Hawaii

This is cool. I got Video from about two years ago, and now I have video of the same player. My best student ever, boy's number one 18's in Hawaii.

compared to:

I'm kind of bummed, that on this day that we hit, I forgot my tripod.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reading a Backhand return

It's all in the shoulder of a classic one handed backhand return. watch the shoulder and everything else falls into place.

once they commit, their eyes are on the ball, take off.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Mental on the Return

I'm going to do a new series of videos on the mental side of the game, how players think about their shots.

The return.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Textbook Doubles: Angle-ism 2 The Backhand Pass

One of my favorite shots because you can nail it, roll it really slow, slice it, or just hit it and forget it. It's an angle thing, so even if your opponent closes the net, because the angle is bad, it will cause a problem. They have to stop, read the angle, and actually catch it after it bounces--catching it in the air will lead to a weak shot or a pop up.


AC Chemistry Assignments Pack 2

EP 4-- problem set 2: Ch 10. write questions, #30, 31, 34-37.
Reading Ch 10.2-10.4 Prelab Ch 10
Notebook Check Wednesday
Quiz 2 on Wednesday on Empirical formulae, percent composition, and mole conversions

EP 5--Problem set 2: Ch 17 write questions
Reading Ch 17.2-17.3 Pre lab Ch 17.3
Notebook Check Tuesday
Quiz 1 on phase change diagrams, enthalpy calculation, heat of vaporization and heat of fusion

ep 6 Problem set 1: Ch 21 write questions. Reading Ch 21.3 on Electrochemical equations
notebook check Friday
quiz 1 on galvanic cells, electrodes, and fuel cells

check Calendar on bottom for more details.

Make-up exams for First Semester Final due Friday November 14

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Textbook Doubles: Court Coverage

What do you do when your partner is out of the play?

You take the center of the court and cover everything. AND if you have a chance, hit a winner. If not, LOB really hot

Ode to a Sleepless night. and things that go hmmm

I should have gone out tonight.

So I'm lying in bed, counting my second flock of sheep. Flock the sheep, I say as I read the net...

Hmm...Ministry of health wants 500 million to combat depression in thailand... course, you realize that thailand has 65 million people. I think they would be better served giving everyone 5 million and calling it even.

Barack won :D and the world pauses as we see what happens...oh wait, Jan 20th. explain that to a thai person. he won. yes, the results are in. no. he takes office three months from now. why? hmmm...because. yeah. because.

my cowboys stink, my celtics rock, usc is 7th after winning 56-0 over UW... we were fourth before. Damn, what would have happened if we lost...

cold weather has been forecasted for Dec and January..it's going to drop one degree...hmmm...

I'm loving youtube...

but I think... I wonder if I should be like lonelygirl115? or whatever she was... but I'm not that into my story.

my red sox are done. hmm... if you spend 203 million for baseball, what do you get? Ask the yankees... last place in the division losing to a team that's spending 44 million. course, my sox are paying 184 million... wtf.

damn. I didn't know baseball came made out of diamonds. I mean come on. Dice-K cost 53 million just to talk to the boy. another 50 million or SO to sign. I mean the guy pitches every 5th game? JEEZ...and if he throws a 100 pitches, he's done. Damn, that would be like me teaching every other week, and if I talk for more than 15 minutes straight, I get a relief lecturer...

kay, it's almost 11. I want to wake up at 5:34 to go workout. why 34? because it's a typo... and it's really 38. why 38 because it's 4 minutes later than 34. the gym opens at 6. i need 7 minutes to get ready, dressed, and go. 10 minutes to get there. 5 minutes to get up the elevator. my workout takes 34 minutes. I get back home at 650. repeat, shower, change, and i'm at school by 714...then, check email, facebook, youtube, and go eat breakfast at 740. hit the line up at 7:50. yep. it's a crazy worl isn't it.

and thursdays I teach classes in the afternoon only :D and it's tennis...ahahahh

so as I lay here on my bed, thinking about things, and pondering my near future. I think. I think i need some sleep. I think a part of me misses hawaii. but i can see myself here for a bit. sigh.

alas, it's getting late. and i'm getting tired.

good night world, tomorrow is another day... hmmm.

Monday, November 3, 2008

AC Chemistry EP 5 ThermoChemistry pt 1

Bonus Questions Pack 1 Second Semester

EP 6--#1--Design an experiment which demonstrates that both positive and negative ions move in electrolytic conduction.

#2 Compare and contrast the composition, voltage, and capabilities/waste products of a voltaic cell, lead battery, and a fuel cell

EP 5 #1 Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the combustion of ammonia to give nitric oxide and water. The enthalpies of formatoin are -68.32 kcal/mole for water (l), -11.02 kcal/mole for ammonia (g), and 21.57 kcal/mole for nitric oxide.

#2 Draw and illustrate the calculations necessary in a phase change diagram as water goes from solid to gas.

EP 4 #1 In a chemical reaction requiring two atoms of phosphorus for five atoms of oxygen, how many grams of oxygen are required by 3.10 g of phosphorus?

#2 Change 50 grams of silver bromide into moles and atoms.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Evolution of the Game of Tennis

I watched Tsonga play Roddick last night preceded by Nalbanian and Murray. Today it was Davydenko vs Nalbanian followed by Blake and Tsonga. Blake is one of the fastest men on tour yet Tsonga is slamming shots past him. He is the new future of the game. We got a person with phenomenal size, speed, and power. He has a Roddick serve, Blake speed, and Federer shot making. It's awesome to behold. How do you teach that? I have no clue.

Roddick is playing surprisingly well. The Roddick-Tsonga match was a better match than Blake-Tsonga. I never realized how much of a weapon Roddick's serve is. I thought it had become passe in this realm of massive servers, but Roddick's serve is still strong. Although I don't agree with Roddick's incessant net rushing--the man's volley is just not that good, but I prefer his net rushing to his backhand.

Nalbanian, Davydenko, and Murray. Of those three, Murray seems to have the most upside. Nalbanian is a talent--but he's kind of slow to me--but not by much, compared to Blake and Tsonga. Nalbanian just never really impresses me with his journeyman like groundstrokes, on par with Davydenko. Murray can play really well, but he's very young. Sometimes, he is great. Last night, he wasn't.

Keep an eye on Tsonga.

AC Chemistry for EP 4 Moles Ch 10.1 pt 1

My presentation on Introduction to Moles

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