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Monday, November 3, 2008

Bonus Questions Pack 1 Second Semester

EP 6--#1--Design an experiment which demonstrates that both positive and negative ions move in electrolytic conduction.

#2 Compare and contrast the composition, voltage, and capabilities/waste products of a voltaic cell, lead battery, and a fuel cell

EP 5 #1 Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the combustion of ammonia to give nitric oxide and water. The enthalpies of formatoin are -68.32 kcal/mole for water (l), -11.02 kcal/mole for ammonia (g), and 21.57 kcal/mole for nitric oxide.

#2 Draw and illustrate the calculations necessary in a phase change diagram as water goes from solid to gas.

EP 4 #1 In a chemical reaction requiring two atoms of phosphorus for five atoms of oxygen, how many grams of oxygen are required by 3.10 g of phosphorus?

#2 Change 50 grams of silver bromide into moles and atoms.

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