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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Compilation of Chemistry Powerpoint Video

Ch 1-4 Conversions

Ch 1-4 Significant Figures

Ch 1-4 Scientific Notation

Ch 5 Quantum Mechanics

Ch 7 Covalent Bonds pt 2

Ch 7 Covalent Bonds pt 3

Ch 12 Stoichemistry

Ch 14 Aqueous Solutions pt 1

Ch 14 Aqueous Solutions pt 2

Ch 16 Solutions

Ch 16.3 Colligative Properties

Ch 21 ElectroChemistry

Tennis Lesson: Jump Serve Explained

now if SARAH wasn't laughing so much this video would have been better... dang, before i knew about the audio controls.

Tennis Analysis: Chip and Charge Explained

I like this play and most girls don't do this every.


Tennis Demonstration: The Kick Serve Explained

the complete kick serve from step one to step 5...


Volleying: Strategy to WIN points

Basic Play --wide serve first volley

Forehand Strategies: Weapon Training

this how we roll boys

Forehand Lesson 5: Movement for the Wide

can you run to it?

Tennis Drill: Pacing your drills

Randy has great pacing

Friday, January 30, 2009

Backhand Lesson 3: Contact for One-Hander

This is how I do it.


Tennis Equipment: The Right Shoe

Shoes are so important in tennis.


Tennis Coaching Point: HOT Weather MATCHES

This is important for your playing and your safety


Tennis Coaching Point: What Ball to USE?

Have you seen how the pros are always looking at all the ball before they serve.


Tennis Travel: Chiangmai The Prem Tennis Academy

this place is awesome and relaxing


Tennis Drill: Randy Scott Director of PREM Center's Game

The cool but interestingly fun game


Coaching: DURING the match

This is the toughest thing to do especially with emotional players--keep it simple, make them repeat it, and move on


High School Tennis: Team Captain selection is very important

Coaching high school is also about teaching responsibility and leadership. I leaned heavily on my captains to run and control the team because kids listen more to kids than to their coaches.


Coaching: The Big Game

Lucky for me, I've been able to be in the big games--division champs, state champs, team champs...


Coaching: The Serve and Volleyer

aww. basically what I tell myself


Fake Poach Move for Tennis Doubles

do something sheesh


Tennis Lesson: Volley Fix INSTANTLY

this is what i do best


Coaching Point: What Not to Say as a Coach

I wished I learned this before I said it to my players


Coaching: Coaching After A Game

what I wish my coach told me


Nadal beats the Fed--three reasons why also

Nadal will beat Fed in the Aussie. There are three reasons why.

First, Nadal's basic groundstroke drives Fed nuts. The Fed hates high backhands and forehands. They require him to work more, and he hates more balls out of his zone. Thus forcing him to get into long rallies. Normally, Fed would just come to net, but Nadal is a demon on the court, his coverage is absurd, and his passing shots are way too good. Hey i just found out, the ITF has a new ball--that is slower, and courts have been made slower. That's bad news for Roger.

Second, Roger's serve is neutralized by Nadal's game. Nadal can return most of Roger's serves, but the sheer length of the rallies consumes all that energy that Fed would normally use in his serve. If you watch Roger enough, the matches he dominates are the ones where the points are three shots or less. Few people can stay in the rally that long with him, but Rafa can.

Finally, the Aussie is a marathon now. It's not as grueling as the French, but with the high temperatures--you ever play tennis in a bowl that blocks the wind. The Aussie is tennis in a bowl under the sun. IF it rains, and they close the roof, turn on the air conditioning, Fed wins, but if the match goes 4 sets, he loses. I really think Nadal will wear him out within the first set with his high loops, great gets, and improved serve. Throw in 30 degree weather and humidity, the Fed will wilt.

Tennis now a game all about defense--Verdasco almost hit 100 winners in his match with Nadal, but Rafa had 5 unforced errors in set one, 5 in set two, 4 in set three... I mean how do you do that? when the sets are 6-7, 6-4, 7-6those are max number games and you're hitting 5 unforced errors? Unless the Fed is on fire, Nadal takes this.

Aussie Semis... BEST MATCH EVER since Wimbledon 2008

I'm a fan.

Nadal is unbelievable. I had trouble lying in bed watching this match for five hours while Superman was running all around the court playing Verdasco--who played the best tennis for a guy named Verdasco, that I never ever heard of. I truly felt whomever won this beats Roger. Verdasco is an Offensive Version of Nadal--where Nadal makes no errors--5 first set, 5 second set, and 4 third, Verdasco hit 91 winners in the total match. 91 winners... That's unbelievable.

Tennis has become a game of speed, power, and spin. Lots and Lots of spin. If you can touch it, you can dig it, and life goes on. Verdasco can cover so much court as to be ridiculous while hitting it flat. Lefties rule. Giles Simon is pretty fast and solid also.

It's funny that Roger at 27 is ancient.

The amount of spin on the ball, the type of ball which is slower, and the court surface slowing down favors the clay courters. And Nadal is the most amazing clay court ever.

I want to know what was Verdasco drinking....

I'm inspired. I think I want to change the way I play from my serve and volley style to a massive topspin style... but back in the day, when I was more mobile, I could stay on the court and just dig and move the guy around... hmm we'll see.

pattaya open is coming up--WTA style. I'll see how that goes.

Tennis Coaching Point: Offense-Defense

me and marie


Tennis Coaching Point: Grips Within a Point

something to think about in the course of the rally what grip will you use?


Tennis Strategy: Return of Serve off the Middle Serve

anything can happen, but running a play can help cut down the responses


Tennis Lesson: Return of Serve--THE GRIP

another fan favorite.


Tennis Lesson: Two-Handed Backhand Grip

one of my best videos... it's basic but important


Tennis Lesson: Open Stance Forehand

The first step in the open stance


Tennis Lesson: Forehand Weapon Construction Step One

The high roller


Tennis Lesson: Volleying Position

The importance of the proper positioning.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tennis Demonstration: Etiquette--what not to do

the demos of summer


Tennis Demonstration: Etiquette 2

I actually miss doing our demos...


6 between the legs shots

How we did this? the original script was for one, then, they were talking at lunch... and were like how many you think we can do...


mikey chan and sean jobe.. awesome

Tennis drills: Live ball running Crosscourts

this drill can keep a big class moving...


Travel Hotel: Bangkok, Thailand Novotel Lotus Soi 33

I really like htis hotel, but it's pricey. Great Buffet Breakfast free with the room


Tennis Drill: Overheads Touch and Hit

This is the classic drill. everyone should be doing this. heck, I did this drill as a kid


Tennis Drill: Doubles Two versus One

This is a cute way to play two players---it can be serious or fun, we're working on their doubles movement so it really helps them and reminds them I lob a lot... etc...


AC Chemistry Bonus 4: EP 4-6

Page 382. # 81-86

write the question in your notebook. enjoy

Backhand Lesson 5: High Prep

if the ball is high, the racquet is high


Tennis demonstration: Groundstrokes and Serves


Tennis Demonstration: E's assessment video


Tennis Analysis: Jo's Assessment Video


Tennis Drill: Volleyers at the net.


Tennis Services: Assessment Videos


Tennis Demonstration: A Kick Serve Step 3

step 3..

Tennis Drill: Return of Serves on the Wall

wall drills

Tennis Lesson: Volleys

step one in the volleys

Hawaii State Tennis Champions Girls 2006

aww. memories

Tennis Drills: Volleys--the Chair Drill

i love this drill

radford at state--the kev, do, mikey, and constans

hahh old friends

b on the ad side

more b

Tennis Plays: Taking over the point off the return

attack off the return

Tennis Plays: Hi10spro demonstrates point patterns


the b playing

i miss britters

Tennis Plays: Return of Serve--Ad Side follow up

you got to play both sides

Tennis Plays: Return of Serve--Big Bang Theory

hit the first shot

Travel Sight: Malaysia, Genting Resort

this place rocks

Travel Sight: Malaysia, the National Monument

nice place

Travel Tip: Bangkok, Thailand Seafood place.

soi 24? I think it was awesome

Travel Tip: Bangkok, Thailand The GRAND PALACE

I like this place

Travel Tip: Bangkok, Thailand Emporium Mall

this is a nice and expensive mall

Tennis Lesson: Forehand Intermediate Stage

Erica's learning

Tennis Demonstration: Topspin Forehand

lock and load

Tennis Demonstration: Two-Handed Backhand Simplicity

The Sar's backhand

Pool Demonstration: Hi10spro plays pool.

yeah i can play

Tennis demonstration: Backhand rotation

nice rotation

Tennis Demonstration: Moving to the ball.

tennis starts with the feet

The G doing the wall thing again

wall drills are sweet

Tennis Drill: Return of Serve Side View Extended

wall drill

Wall Drill: Alternating forehand and backhand volleys

I make it look easy but it's not

Tennis Points: Managing the TieBreaker

play your best in the beginning of the tiebreak and ride the wave

Tennis Drill: Hitting the Wall

one of the best

Tennis Drill: Crosscourt Forehands

the best drills are the easiest

Tennis Drill: Double Line Drills with two balls.

use two balls so they can stay moving

Tennis Drill: Two Lines--Two Shots

keep the crowd moving

Tennis Drills: Double Lines

with ACE kids it works well

Tennis Demonstration: Forehands and Backhands

it's always good to see yourself hit

Tennis Plays: Two crosscourts and one down the line.

the simplest patterns are the best

Tennis Drills: Focus Drill 6 Balls in a row.

focus drills are awesome

Dinker: BEATING THE DINKER--make them move

one of the hardest things to do

Tennis Coaching Point: Ten Ball Drill

this is pretty tough

My Slice Serve

aww when I was young

Tennis Trip: Maui States 2000

good memories

Tennis Assessment Video from the old days

I miss Marie

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peter and me vs Yut and Bua

and yes Bua is a girl, but she's a damn good girl...and yes, we lose...wtf


Forehand Lesson 4: Knee Bend

my friend does this so well


leg explosion

an old student who was working on pushing off more with her legs...

how not to do it. Mental Toughness lesson 6: Recovery

kay I blew this one.


Super Fake Dont do it...

This is one of those what was I thinking moments...


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AC Chemistry Quiz Make-up

1. find me a video of a chemistry experiment that is up to date with our class.

hint: ep 5 rate law, free energy--exothermic or endothermic, or equilibrium

ep 4 kinetic theory of gases, liquids, and solids.

Textbook Doubles lesson 3: The job of the volleyer---

you got to move it or lose it... get in the game...


Mental Toughness Lesson 4: Serving Rituals

Aw...the Serve--what sweet sorrow that a shot you control all aspects of--you determine when you want to hit it, where, and how, yet it's one of the hardest shots of the world.


Textbook Doubles Lesson 2: Net Person Movement

are you a spectator or a player? do you move?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

School Wars 3

The third and it's evolving.


School Wars 2--The Second

The second installment of the series.


School Wars I an AC Kiak Productions


The first in the series--amazing... My student made this. He has spent hours to make these

A really good article on relationships

Dating 101: The Most Important Argument You'll Ever Have in Your Relationship

Four dating tips to prevent quarrels from becoming a full-blown crisis
By Sharon Rivkin, M.A., M.F.T. for www.hitchedmag.com Photo: iStockphoto.com/© Diego Cervo Updated: Jan 23, 2009
dating crisis
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The first argument is the most crucial argument you will ever have, setting the stage for all arguments to follow. Future conflicts will often look and sound like they're different, but most times they are simply variations of the first, unresolved argument. Understanding that the first argument is a tool for healing, rather than just a random conflict, can spare yourself years of grief, hopelessness and helplessness in your relationship.
Dating Tip #1: Get to the Core
Minimizing the chaos, confusion and stress in your relationship, therefore, is accomplished by understanding what you're really arguing about. The first argument teaches what is important to each individual, by linking back to each other's underlying core issue. You may be fooled into thinking that you're arguing about cookies, wastebaskets, fences, etc., but rarely are these "content" issues the "real" issue. The real issue is your core issue from childhood that gets unknowingly triggered by the content issue. All of these elements are present in the first argument, which explains its importance in unraveling the underlying root of the problem.
Without knowing the importance of the first argument, couples struggle to understand their disagreements. They consistently get caught up in the details of the fight, recounting what happened, trying to make their point and then desperately wanting the argument to get resolved so they can be "happy" once again. Unfortunately, however, arguing all the time only creates discouragement, frustration, and emotional damage. Recurring arguments will cloud minds to a point where a couple doesn't even know what they're fighting about. The same words are simply said over and over again, bringing only more confusion and unhappiness.
Dating Tip #2: Strive for Clarity
Somehow, we often think that repeating the same things that have never worked will suddenly work, and our partner will miraculously understand! It doesnt make sense, but we do it anyway. The first argument technique is a way to break the old, useless patterns that don't work in a relationship that keep us from feeling intimate. The first argument is an important moment that can ultimately bring clarity rather than confusion. With clarity, we can solve and deal with anything that occurs in our relationships.
Dating Tip #3: Solve Big Ones Before Small Ones
Understanding the value and importance of the first argument as a tool to self-knowledge can reduce stress. When you start to argue and hear yourself repeating the same sentences that don't work, going back to your tools of self-awareness will create a framework for resolving conflict. Small issues are connected to bigger issues, and the first argument reveals our bigger, core issues from the past. Once the big issue is revealed, the small issue can then be determined. It's when the small stuff is triggering the core issues that we can't resolve anything, and everything we discuss at a certain point seems like a survival issue. The first argument helps weed out what's big and what's small. Conflict then feels more manageable and more possible to resolve.
Dating Tip #3: Be "Current"
When conflict is resolved, stress is reduced and you have the ability to be current with each other. Being "current" means you're in the moment with few unresolved matters clouding the relationship. The more current a relationship is, the healthier it is. Therefore, the first argument should be welcomed, viewing it as the helpful tool that it is. Don't be blinded into thinking that the same conflict will never happen again, because it will. Allow it in and deal with it immediately. Acknowledge your own hurt, see how it relates back to past hurts and talk about that, rather than what you perceive are your partner's faults. By doing so, you'll be quickly rewarded with a peaceful resolution.
The first argument technique is not restricted to couples. Its principles can work with any intimate relationship -- parents and children, boss and employees, friends. Any relationship that is important to us -- one in which we have a lot at stake in its success -- can easily trigger our unresolved issues. If we don't care about someone, we're less easily triggered because it doesn't matter if the relationship works or doesn't work.
Dating Tip #4: Repair It Now
Remember that when dealt with, the first argument is small. When put aside, it becomes bigger and bigger to the point of being overwhelming and unsolvable. Each time we fight, we hurt each other a little bit more, until we've damaged each other and the relationship. Once this has happened, it's hard to regain the good feelings we once had for each other. A relationship can only handle so much pain and hurt before it begins to break down and fall apart. Therefore, save yourself and the loved ones in your life pain by understanding that the first argument -- the most crucial argument you'll ever have -- is a tool for healing that will spare yourself years of grief, hopelessness and helplessness in your relationships.

Mental Toughness Lesson Two: Emotions

it's about emotion control and finding your center.


Ladies thoughts in the Aussie

I neglected the women.

My thoughts after watching Safina storm back is...How did she get into trouble with Alize Cornet? But she is Marat's sister...

Venus is done--she's out so fast, I didn't get to see her play.

Ana is once again the Paper Tiger--I really think Rolex goofed on that one--but the Ladies side is so difficult. Maria is hurt. Jankovic is probably the weakest Number One player ever--How can you be NUMBER ONE without winning a Grand Slam... Tennis rankings always make me mental.

Serena is one big woman, but she moves very well and hits a ton. and I love Zheng--I loved her from Wimbledon BUT although she is a hitting machine, she is a small hitting machine and serves like she's a small hitting machine.

Bartolli plays Zvonerava? Bartolli beat Jankovic--I keep thinking about Weird Al Yankovic--but to me--Jankovic has no serve--BUT she has beaten the Williams sisters--one of them, and that is saying a lot... Alot about the women's game--come on. Davenport came back from laying off for like 8 months after being pregnant and Hingis was out a few years... along with Jennifer... McEnroe missed 6 or 7 months, and he couldn't come back... hmmm

Anyways Bartolli is hot right now, and the truth is I don't know who Zvonerava is soooo...push, going with Bartolli against the higher seed. Comment... why are tennis girls so BIG... I mean you are a professional tennis player not the stay puff marshmallow man... come on. Bartolli... the girl Dokic beat. course, they do move, but gosh, if they lost some kilos...harsh. I know. but hey, if you can't tell your shoe laces are tied by looking down... I mean really. Even Alisa Kleybanova who lost to Dokic... She's a big girl also--and honey, when you're playing an Aussie at the Aussie, try to be nice, don't give fuel to the fire by being so...harsh.. Up 5-2... man.

Safina plays Dokic. That's really bad news for Safina. 1) Dokic is a hitting machine, than move, serve, and volley plus HIT. She hits a ton. 2) She's an Aussie--how she is an Aussie with a name like Elena Dokic beats me, but hey, I'm American with a name like Sakuma... Dokic is going to beat the up and down Safina. That pains me to write... I dig Safina--I don't know why. BUT DOKIC is an ICE MAIDEN... watch her play, she does this weird looking at the service line or something mesmerizing thing before she hits her return...hmmm no emotions...none, but she has a history of parental interference so maybe she learned to zone it all out.

Navarro who beat Venus plays Garrigues the 21 seed. Hmmm. I don't even know who Navarro is or Garrigues...and my name is Gary. so I go with the hot player--Navarro.

Dementievea---you got to love that name plays another women with more vowels than consonants...cibulkova... I'm not making this up so I go with Dementieva...gosh, sounds like a disease more than a tennis player. Dem--she can hit, but her serve is so stinky...and she's number four in the world...hmmm

Kuznetova plays Zheng... I love Zheng. She's hot, hits a ton, and runs forever. Course, she's three feet tall. i am pulling for Zheng, but the courts are slow, the ball will bounce high, and size kills... Zheng in three? I'm hoping...

Serena plays Azarenka. Never saw her play. got to give this one to Serena. She's a big, hitting, and movable machine... Her biggest weapon is her serve and her return, if you get her into long rallies and wear her down--her serve weakens as does her return plus she'll start going for bigger and bigger shots. Those are the matches she loses, but Az--is one small looking lady... Best of luck, but Serena looks like the money pick.

Navarro advances against Dementieva to face the winner of Zheng/Serena--sorry Zheng, but Serena is way too powerful. Dementieva has beaten Serena before, but this is women's so it just matters which Serena shows up. Money pick is serena...sorry. Hey I want Zheng..

On the other side, whomever wins Safina/Dokic advances. I actually think Dokic has a shot at Serena...but the others...no. DOkic in three over Serena...

But I'm biased--she is an Aussie and I swear ice runs in her veins...

Lots of variables though, I don't watch a lot of the women so I really don't know who the vowel girls are. BUT dang, Russia is doing something right, there are so many in the draw. and the Americans... We got Serena who wasn't even playing in the USTA circuits as a junior...hmmm

Thoughts on a Australian Open

I just watched about eight hours of tennis today. First, it was Safina taking out Cornet. Physically, Safina casts an impressive figure with size and speed, plus add in the tone she has gained since the last time I saw her--Wimbledon, and she looks solid, but she suffers from the Safin Curse of going for a bit much, not enough, and being mentally unstable. Cornet who is 19 impressed me, but she seems to be not as fit.

The next match was Del Potro vs Cilic--and that was a battle of Giants--both men tower at least 195 cm or taller. The power, the court coverage, and the speed were impressive. It will be interesting to see where things fall for them.

Roger's epic battle with Berdych was very interesting. First, it's always impressive how the higher ranked player stages the comeback while the contender seems to falter. Cornet above was up 5-2, and she had two match points. Berdych, as my wife was saying--"You have no luck. He was playing un-ffff believable." She knows I love to see Roger lose, and when she swears it's truly stunning, but Berdych had solid court coverage and rallies--why he went to net so much boggles my mind, but Roger showed the grit and determination. To me, it's becoming obvious--Roger needs his first serve to go in. His slice backhand sits up on the new sloooowwweeerr Courts of the Aussie, and in crunch time, his forehand is breaking down. Yet he is still Roger and capable of some magic. The length of the match helped him as the heat of the day faded away.

Nadal looked really sloppy against Haas, but Nadal's game is built on groundstrokes. The longer the match, the longer the rally, and the more likely he will win. The courts suit his game. It is unfortunate that his playing style is so reckless on his body--the new Beefier Nadal along with the very unfashionable outfit--kind of a black--with an ugly shade of blue stripe on it. Just doesn't do it. Roger's outfit is Nike also, but he looks gooooddd.

Nowak just struggled through Baghdatitis--but the Roller Coaster that is Baghdatitis couldn't keep up with the steady play of the sleepy Nowak. The match finished at 3 a.m. Aussie time, which is a travesty. You could sense Nowak was starting to slip away. Marco had the second set up 3-0, but his play is just too up and down to sustain it. In five, Baghdatitis would be still in, but the Djoker came through--and he is ever so serious.

Andy Roddick looks pretty much the same, and I've been meaning to catch Murray, but I'm having a bit of bad luck.

IT looks like Andy draws Nowak. And unless Andy is on fire, Nowak will beat him down. The Djoker is so solid off the ground--I do think his forehand is weaker, but not by much, and his return will neutralize the Roddick serve. And after the serve, what else do we have? Andy's backhand is so so, and he has this new net rushing thing, but his volley isn't up to par and Nowak passes like a demon. Djoker pulls out three of a kind in straight.

Roger plays DelPotro--Roger is still Roger, but DelPotro is very similar to Berdych but better. I have a feeling Fed gets expressed out in four. But I'm reaching on that one. Why? I think Roger isn't that fit and it just seems he can't finish from the baseline--and Del Potro is the baseline.

Blake plays Tsonga, which is going to be interesting. Tsonga can be a tsunami or a lil surf break. Blake seems to be very stable, but his backhand seem so bad. I tip it to Tsonga with the serve and weapons outlasting the speed and brains of Blake. Tsonga typhoons through in four.

Murray takes on Verdasco... yeah. I know who he is, but do you. Murray stormbreaks through in straight.

The battle of France where a Monfil against a Simon-- and Simon Says--a Gael is coming. On paper and on the court, Monfil is a Simon with more weapons. Monfils in three.

Nadal takes on Gonzo, but to me, after going four hours with Gasquet. Gonzo is bananas now. Plus you got a guy who pretty much is the Sweetest Forehand on tour playing a guy that pretty much hits only to your backhand, and you get Nadal in Three....

It's not often I watch that much tennis so it's interesting.

In the end, I see Murray playing Tsonga and losing, but Tsonga losing to Nadal. Nowak takes down Del Potro with Nadal beating up on Nowak in the Final, but I'm biased. I don't like the Djoker and Murray just doesn't impress me yet.

Sorry Roger, but it's a what have you done lately world...and 27 seems so old now.

Use your Shoulder

when I hit my backhand, I use my shoulder.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My buddy Sim's Forehand

Sim, you wanted this, so here it is. Analyze away.

Mental Toughness Lesson One: Focus

Sometimes the simplest thing is the hardest thing to do.


Volley Lesson 2: Grip and swing path

I think this is my best shot


Practice doubles with Jomlearn and Peter

a fun game.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Hitting the High Balls

to me the swing is always the same just the height of your swing changes.

This is a great video from ipodtennis pros.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Debate topic: torture--a way to win...

Thb: Torture should be legal

1. at war
a. no civilians as everyone is a target
b. therefore, civil rights of soldiers
i. a soldier without a weapon is still soldier/pow
c. terrorists are spies
i. spies are put to death
2. legalize torture
a. eliminate inhumane torture
b. as judged by the UN
c. regulated by the UN
d. not killed but imprisoned until end of conflict
3. verify truth
a. through chemical
b. electronic means

I was playing with this in class because I participated in a debate about it.

my best shot

I love my backhand return


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Movement Drop Steps

Drop steps... the future of tennis?


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

no man's land warm up

I like this warm up... no man's land warm up


work through it?

So I warmed up like normal, but I skipped volleys and overheads... big mistake...I proceeded to miss everything for a bit... the key was persistent and attack.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Doubles: Peter/Me vs Sim/Jomlearn


by popular demand...a doubles match between the boys of PTT

Ep 6 sample exam Matching answers

review ep 6 final
Answer Section


1. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 101, p. 102
OBJ: 4.1.1, 4.1.2

2. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 106 OBJ: 4.2.1

3. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 104 OBJ: 4.2.1

4. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 106 OBJ: 4.2.1

5. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 106, p. 107
OBJ: 4.2.1, 4.2.2

6. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 112 OBJ: 4.3.1

7. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 111 OBJ: 4.3.1

8. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 110 OBJ: 4.3.1

9. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 114 OBJ: 4.3.3

10. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 114 OBJ: 4.3.3

11. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 130, p. 131
OBJ: 5.1.2

12. ANS: F DIF: L1 REF: p. 145 OBJ: 5.1.3

13. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 142 OBJ: 5.1.3

14. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 133 OBJ: 5.1.3, 5.2.1

15. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 133 OBJ: 5.2.1

16. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 134 OBJ: 5.2.1

17. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 128 OBJ: 5.1.3

18. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 128 OBJ: 5.1.3

19. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 138 OBJ: 5.3.1

20. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 138 OBJ: 5.3.1

21. ANS: F DIF: L1 REF: p. 139 OBJ: 5.3.1

22. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 141 OBJ: 5.3.2

23. ANS: H DIF: L1 REF: p. 157 OBJ: 6.1.1

24. ANS: I DIF: L1 REF: p. 157 OBJ: 6.1.1

25. ANS: F DIF: L1 REF: p. 157 OBJ: 6.1.1

26. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 158 OBJ: 6.1.3

27. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 166 OBJ: 6.2.2

28. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 170 OBJ: 6.3.1

29. ANS: G DIF: L1 REF: p. 172 OBJ: 6.3.2

30. ANS: J DIF: L1 REF: p. 172 OBJ: 6.3.2

31. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 177 OBJ: 6.3.3

32. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 173 OBJ: 6.3.3

33. ANS: E DIF: L1 REF: p. 187 OBJ: 7.1.1

34. ANS: B DIF: L1 REF: p. 188 OBJ: 7.1.2

35. ANS: D DIF: L1 REF: p. 188 OBJ: 7.1.4

36. ANS: A DIF: L1 REF: p. 192 OBJ: 7.1.4

37. ANS: C DIF: L1 REF: p. 194 OBJ: 7.2.1

38. ANS: G DIF: L1 REF: p. 201 OBJ: 7.2.1

39. ANS: F DIF: L1 REF: p. 198 OBJ: 7.2.2

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review Ep 6 Final Sample


Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. proton d. electron
b. nucleus e. neutron
c. atom

____ 1. the smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of that element

____ 2. a positively charged subatomic particle

____ 3. a negatively charged subatomic particle

____ 4. a subatomic particle with no charge

____ 5. the central part of an atom, containing protons and neutrons

Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. mass number d. atomic mass
b. atomic mass unit e. isotope
c. atomic number

____ 6. atoms with the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom

____ 7. the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom

____ 8. the number of protons in the nucleus of an element

____ 9. the weighted average of the masses of the isotopes of an element

____ 10. one-twelfth the mass of a carbon atom having six protons and six neutrons

Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. atomic orbital d. ground state
b. aufbau principle e. Pauli exclusion principle
c. electron configuration f. Heisenberg uncertainty principle

____ 11. region of high probability of finding an electron

____ 12. states the impossibility of knowing both velocity and position of a moving particle at the same time

____ 13. lowest energy level

____ 14. tendency of electrons to enter orbitals of lowest energy first

____ 15. arrangement of electrons around atomic nucleus

____ 16. each orbital has at most two electrons

Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. atomic emission spectrum d. photon
b. frequency e. quantum
c. wavelength f. spectrum

____ 17. discrete bundle of electromagnetic energy

____ 18. energy needed to move an electron from one energy level to another

____ 19. number of wave cycles passing a point per unit of time

____ 20. distance between wave crests

____ 21. separation of light into different wavelengths

____ 22. frequencies of light emitted by an element

Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. electronegativity f. periodic law
b. ionization energy g. cation
c. atomic radius h. period
d. metal i. group
e. transition metal j. electrons

____ 23. horizontal row in the periodic table

____ 24. vertical column in the periodic table

____ 25. A repetition of properties occurs when elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number.

____ 26. type of element that is a good conductor of heat and electric current

____ 27. type of element characterized by the presence of electrons in the d orbital

____ 28. one-half the distance between the nuclei of two atoms when the atoms are joined

____ 29. type of ion formed by Group 2A elements

____ 30. subatomic particles that are transferred to form positive and negative ions

____ 31. ability of an atom to attract electrons when the atom is in a compound

____ 32. energy required to remove an electron from an atom

Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. halide ion e. valence electron
b. octet rule f. coordination number
c. ionic bond g. metallic bond
d. electron dot structure

____ 33. an electron in the highest occupied energy level of an atom

____ 34. Atoms react so as to acquire the stable electron structure of a noble gas.

____ 35. a depiction of valence electrons around the symbol of an element

____ 36. an anion of chlorine or other halogen

____ 37. the force of attraction binding oppositely charged ions together

____ 38. the attraction of valence electrons for metal ions

____ 39. the number of ions of opposite charge surrounding each ion in a crystal

Sample Exam Ep 6

review essay

Short Answer

1. For the reaction 2Na(s) + Cl (g) --> 2NaCl(s), how many grams of NaCl could be produced from 103.0 g of Na and 13.0 L of Cl (at STP)?

2. Solid sodium reacts violently with water, producing heat, hydrogen gas, and sodium hydroxide. How many molecules of hydrogen gas are formed when 48.7 g of sodium are added to water?
2Na + 2H O --> 2NaOH + H


3. When a mixture of sulfur and metallic silver is heated, silver sulfide is produced. What mass of silver sulfide is produced from a mixture of 3.0 g Ag and 3.0 g S ?
16Ag(s) + S (s) --> 8Ag S(s)

4. What is the limiting reagent when 150.0 g of nitrogen react with 32.1 g of hydrogen?
N (g) + 3H (g) --> 2NH (g)

5. A 500-g sample of Al (SO ) is reacted with 450 g of Ca(OH) . A total of 596 g of CaSO is produced. What is the limiting reagent in this reaction, and how many moles of excess reagent are unreacted?
Al (SO ) (aq) + 3Ca(OH) (aq) --> 2Al(OH) (s) + 3CaSO (s)

The Complete Index of Videos for Forehand

this is a work in progress


Super Slow Mo Forehand

Tennis Lesson: Topspin Forehand

Tennis Lesson: Teaching Topspin

Tennis Forehand Demonstration

Side view Forehand

Forehand Discussion: Simple or Complex

Return of serve

Open Stance Forehand

Topspin Forehand Followthrough

Forehand Weapon

Up an d Over

how often do you use this shot?


Singles School: Don't Give Up

Hey I can still RUN...plus it's demoralizing when you contest all points


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Singles School: Serve and Volleying Middle play

You have to make serve and volleying into a science. When you attack the middle with your serve, your opponent is in the middle so then, to finish, you have to open the court with a volley, pushing them to a corner, and then, finish with a secondary volley--and it might take an additional shot such as an overhead.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Singles School: Positioning and shot selection


I break down the proper shots in the different spots on the court. you got to know what you can do and can't do.

My friend, Fabian, and I warming up


It's always good to look at yourself every now and then

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping your head still on your backhand

my friend does this really well.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Experiment Series One: Western Grip

Backhand is all about the grip, especially two handers


thoughts on a cold day

Wear a sweater.

Today I started to re-organize my videos on youtube. What started out as a simple thing has grown into a massive thing as I try to put my knowledge online--that is kind of nice that I'm at 700 videos and counting, yet there is still so much to talk about. It's the nuances of the game.

It would be sad if I made a video that was minute long and that was everything I knew about the game.

And no, those that can't do, do not teach. Well, in my case, I play just like I teach, which seems to be so logical. I love those coaches that teach something yet don't play? that's like telling a man how good steak is if they're a vegetarian....riiiiggghhhhttt.

I also discovered or realized a long time ago, that I'm a bad business man. Yes, I have a MBA, but in reality, even if I feel I'm worth it, I feel shy about asking for it so the youtube is perfect--subtle fame and enjoyment.

Today was cold. And tomorrow will be colder.

the funny thing in this whole thing is I'm home without my wife, which should be like the best times of my life...but it totally sucks. the house is a mess. i am tired of eating out. and I miss her. this is why I'm married so I have someone to clean my house? hmmm. no. I'm married because ...she's the mother of my child? she is sexy? she's sweet.

I can't quantify it without sounding like a total sap, but it's true I love her. I don't want to be with anyone else. And don't get me wrong. I'm not looking, but I am in Bangkok right now, and it's not the hardest place in the world to meet women. There are one million more women than men here and 50% of the population that is male is homosexual...hmmm. You got to like those odds.

Hey, I don't mess with destiny. I met my wife in the most random of circumstances, it was literally one in a million, well more like one in a couple hundred. I was at this Halloween ball for ex-models... no, I wasn't but it would make a cool story.

my friend took me to meet his friends as i had been single for awhile--about two to three hours. that's a joke, son. But my friend wanted me to meet people so I went out the first night and met a bunch of people and it was okay... my other friend was so concerned with how depressed I was that she took me to a Buddhist temple to make merit. It must have worked. That night I met my future wife...

life is funny like that.

you have to believe in karma and be honorable. everything will work out one way or the other, and life will go on.

boy, it's pretty cold tonight, and tomorrow is supposed to be worse--and I'm playing tennis tomorrow night.

I played really bad last night...hahaha

Monday, January 12, 2009

Extra Credit Assignment #2 Week of Jan 13

page 319 # 1-15 write the question in your notebook.

this is worth quiz points.

Forehand Lesson Series: Lesson 1

We're getting organized boys. this is the first step in learning the forehand. It's all about the grip, then the swing so we show the basics.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who plays what side in Doubles.


As a coach, this is the hardest question to answer. There are just too many answers, but if you quantify it and break it down, you come to an answer through ironcially, questions. First, are you a coach that believes in a setter and a putaway person--I am. Someone plays conservative, percentages, and sets up balls for a putaway person to deal with. At upper levels, these roles interchange slightly. If you have two low-percentage players playing together, you're going to have great wins and some really bad ones also, but to even it out, you find the percentage player and team them up with a more aggressive player. In my experience, you're usually one or the other. Thus, percentage and conservative player on the ad.

Now, the second question is do you place the big forehand/backhand on the wings--meaning deuce forehand and ad backhand, or place the best shots in the middle? I find that the big shot on the wing allows people to run around it and hit their best shot. Hey I played an entire match where ever return I hit a forehand--first and second serve. At low levels, this is not an issue, and at upper levels, the second serve is the one that matters so placing the stronger shot on the wings opens up more possibilities. The better backhand on the ad.

Finally, mentally, the big points come on the ad side. Imagine a tiebreaker, I serve the first point, and then, I receive the next. I'm the stronger player and more consistent--so we're up 2-0. Now if not, I don't even touch a ball until it's either 0-2 or 1-1. Big difference. Placing the stronger player on the ad allows them to hit more forehand volleys, overheads, and grab more balls in the center with their forehand while bearing the brunt of the tough points. Stronger mental game on the ad.

BUT as a disclaimer, you have to try it out on the court, because I have placed two strong players on a court, and they were horrible. My good friend and I cannot play doubles together, we're horrible. We lose to everyone. We're both 5.0's. We once lost to a 3.5 and a 4.0 in practice. How awesome is that? You have to try it out. When I went to 4.5 Nationals, one of our guys was a raw recruit we just brought up from 4.0's to fill the roster. He and I ended up playing together and posting a 3-1 record at 4.5 Nationals, and moved up to 5.0 together. To this day, he is the partner I enjoy playing with and we're very good together also.

Stronger player ad, more consistent, and more mentally tough...but it has to work..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

what usually happens in Mixed Troubles--or singles with an obstacle. that's a joke


we lost this match. wtf. but this is a bad scenario if I have to do stuff like this...

You have one opportunity to end the point, TAKE IT to the Gap


It's funny how being a little tired, really affects you. I just got slower and slower as the night progressed. I slept like 3 hours the night before and bused in 15 hours. Keep it simple.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Extra Credit Assignment #1 Week of Jan 7 1009

option 1. page 383 standarized test prep--write the question and just the answer.

option 2. attend the debate training on January 16 at Trium Udom Suksa

Last Samurai... benefits

Too many mind.

too many mind?

Mind the sword. mind the people watching. mind the enemy. too many mind. no mind.

BEST ADVICE ever... i love this movie.

got to make a video about that...

do you believe a man can change his destiny

I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pattaya-tennis.com Doubles Finals


The FINALS of our doubles tournament with Cj and me vs the Captain of Assumption University and the #29 ranked player in Thailand...



the cool part is a guy was sitting by my camera and after I hit this says, "Oh my God..."

yeah, baby...Who's your daddy now?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is about as good as it gets--the kitchen sink


the only flaw with this attack is if they nail it right at me, and he gets a forehand off the into the body serve.

These guys were so good at running around their backhands, it rendered into the body serves ineffective.

Textbook Doubles: MOVING IN--my things


gotta move, gotta attack. This is my thing. I move a lot because I don't like being hit

Monday, January 5, 2009

Make up exams for second semester

All retests must be turned in by January 20th, hand written in your notebooks. copy the question also.

ep 6 test

1. Explain what occurs in an electrochemical cell.

2. What are the components of a voltaic cell?

3. Describe a common dry cell.

4. Describe the lead storage battery.

5. Describe how a fuel cell works.

6. What is the standard cell potential?

7. Explain what occurs in an electrolytic cell.

8. Give the sign of the electrodes and the reaction that occurs at each for both voltaic and electrolytic cells.

EP 5 test
make up test ep 5


1. When steam is used to drive a turbine, the kinetic energy of the moving turbine will be less than the energy used initially to heat the water to steam. Explain why this is not a violation of the law of conservation of energy.

2. Explain the difference between temperature and heat. Also, state what determines the direction of heat transfer.

3. Explain the distinction between heat capacity and specific heat. Provide an example to illustrate this distinction.

4. Describe the parts of a calorimeter and the function of each part.

5. Using what you know about phase changes, why does steam at 100 C produce a more harmful burn than boiling water?

6. Explain the effects of reactant concentration and particle size on the rate of a reaction.

ep 4 test
make up test ep 4


1. In general, how are word equations written to describe chemical reactions?

2. Describe how to write the skeleton equation for the following reaction:

iron + oxygen iron(III) oxide

3. Consider the description: copper(II) oxide reacts with sulfuric acid to produce copper(II) sulfate and water. List the steps required to write its balanced chemical equation. State how to determine which of the five general types of reaction this represents.

4. What determines whether one metal will replace another metal from a compound in a single-replacement reaction?

5. Predict the precipitate that forms when aqueous solutions of silver nitrate and potassium chloride react to form products in a double-replacement reaction. Include a discussion of how to write the complete chemical equation describing this reaction.

6. When a mixture of sulfur and metallic silver is heated, silver sulfide is produced. What mass of silver sulfide is produced from a mixture of 3.0 g Ag and 3.0 g S ?
16Ag(s) + S (s) 8Ag S(s)

7. What is the limiting reagent when 150.0 g of nitrogen react with 32.1 g of hydrogen?
N (g) + 3H (g) 2NH (g)

8. A 500-g sample of Al (SO ) is reacted with 450 g of Ca(OH) . A total of 596 g of CaSO is produced. What is the limiting reagent in this reaction, and how many moles of excess reagent are unreacted?
Al (SO ) (aq) + 3Ca(OH) (aq) 2Al(OH) (s) + 3CaSO (s)

The Simple and Complex Forehand?


I like this forehand because it was old school and new school. It made me re-examine the way I hit my forehand--the flaw in my forehand is that I re-learned it in Michigan so I have to continue to modify it. I'm just trying to go back to old school, but once it's ingrained...it's ingrained.

So you want to be a teacher? The Interview


Teaching interviews always ask the same questions so be ready for this one. Teaching philosophy. What I did was I went and searched the internet for the school's mission statement and philosophy. Include this in your answer. The stories work, it makes it more real. Try to have real stories...

Girls School: The hardest shot--the Overhead


I don't know why but girls have a hard time with balls over their head? It's like a talent, that boys learn, but girls don't. BUT volleyball girls have a great overhead--you have to develop it.

truly though, a girl that has the skill has it. Girls that don't, you have to spend time developing.

How to get caught in No Man's land and live...


You can play lazy and survive, but it puts you in a position to hit horribly low percentage shots. But if you can do it, than hey... Is this how I'll play when I'm old and slow...

damn. sometimes I have to lose...

sometimes you have to lose


the cool thing is I thought I was playing crappy, and the video shows, it wasn't that bad, but man, when you're in there, it feels like you're in the second grade playing crappy...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Syllabus for AC Chemistry


My syllabus for class

PUSH baby, PUSH... damn, sounds like I'm at a birth


let's see if this works. PUSH! against a wall for a better volley

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