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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

thoughts on a cold day

Wear a sweater.

Today I started to re-organize my videos on youtube. What started out as a simple thing has grown into a massive thing as I try to put my knowledge online--that is kind of nice that I'm at 700 videos and counting, yet there is still so much to talk about. It's the nuances of the game.

It would be sad if I made a video that was minute long and that was everything I knew about the game.

And no, those that can't do, do not teach. Well, in my case, I play just like I teach, which seems to be so logical. I love those coaches that teach something yet don't play? that's like telling a man how good steak is if they're a vegetarian....riiiiggghhhhttt.

I also discovered or realized a long time ago, that I'm a bad business man. Yes, I have a MBA, but in reality, even if I feel I'm worth it, I feel shy about asking for it so the youtube is perfect--subtle fame and enjoyment.

Today was cold. And tomorrow will be colder.

the funny thing in this whole thing is I'm home without my wife, which should be like the best times of my life...but it totally sucks. the house is a mess. i am tired of eating out. and I miss her. this is why I'm married so I have someone to clean my house? hmmm. no. I'm married because ...she's the mother of my child? she is sexy? she's sweet.

I can't quantify it without sounding like a total sap, but it's true I love her. I don't want to be with anyone else. And don't get me wrong. I'm not looking, but I am in Bangkok right now, and it's not the hardest place in the world to meet women. There are one million more women than men here and 50% of the population that is male is homosexual...hmmm. You got to like those odds.

Hey, I don't mess with destiny. I met my wife in the most random of circumstances, it was literally one in a million, well more like one in a couple hundred. I was at this Halloween ball for ex-models... no, I wasn't but it would make a cool story.

my friend took me to meet his friends as i had been single for awhile--about two to three hours. that's a joke, son. But my friend wanted me to meet people so I went out the first night and met a bunch of people and it was okay... my other friend was so concerned with how depressed I was that she took me to a Buddhist temple to make merit. It must have worked. That night I met my future wife...

life is funny like that.

you have to believe in karma and be honorable. everything will work out one way or the other, and life will go on.

boy, it's pretty cold tonight, and tomorrow is supposed to be worse--and I'm playing tennis tomorrow night.

I played really bad last night...hahaha

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