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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A listing of tennis courts in Bangkok

Tennis court at Lumpini Park (Youth Center)
Location: Lumpini Park (Youth Center), Rama IV

Soi Klang Racquet Club
Location: 6, 8 Amara 3, Sukhumvit Soi 49-9, Soi Klang
Contact: +66 (0)2 714 7200

Chulalongkorn University Sports Center
Location: Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok
Contact: +66 (0)2 218 2874-76

Thammasat University Sport Center
Location: Gymnasium 7, 99 Moo 18 Paholyothin Road, Long Luang, Pathumthani
Contact: +66 (0)2 564 4425

Sports Authority of Thailand
Location: 286, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mark, Bangkapi
Contact: +66 (0)2 319 1116 ext 1502

Bangkok Naval Base
Location: Soi Isaraphap 44, Banchanglaw, Bangkoknoi
Contact: +66 (0)2 866 8807

Bangkok Metropolitan Youth Centre (Thai-Japan)
Location: Mitmaitri Road, Dindaeng
Contact: +66 (0)2 245 3360

The National Stadium (Supacharasai)
Location: Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan (BTS the National Stadium station)
Contact: +66 (0)2 216 7390

Indoor Stadium Huamark & Rajamangala National Stadium
Location: 2088 Ramkamheang Road, Huamark, Bangkapi
Contact: +66 (0)2 318 0940-4

Sport Home Tennis Courts (2 courts)
Location: 49 Soi Phetkasem 76/1 (Near THE MALL Bangkae)
Bankaenua, Bangkok
Contact: 08-1837-2880 / 08-1340-0604
Opened from 6:00 am to 12:00 am every day
Friendly atmosphere

Udomsook Tennis Court, Soi Udomsook 27, Sukhumvit 103 Road, Bangkok.
Tel 02-3615108-9
Pls join us if u are living at Bangna areas or Sukhumvit 103, Sri Nakarin Road.
ขอเชิญเพื่อนๆ มาเล่นเทนนิสกันนะครับ ถ้าอาศัยอยู่แถวบางนา ถนนศรีนครินทร์ หรือสุขุวิท 103

How to HIDE your Backhand

The Shortest Backhand Ever

The Classic Straight Back Modern Forehand

Smooth is all I can say about this guy's forehand--his name was Wolfgang, and he was the #2 guy in the 40's in the ITF World Rankings? Not 100% sure about that.

The Classic Straight Back Modern Forehand

Smooth is all I can say about this guy's forehand--his name was Wolfgang, and he was the #2 guy in the 40's in the ITF World Rankings? Not 100% sure about that.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Textbook Doubles: Responsibiliities In Play

you want to play like a hi10spro

Singles School: Move around on the Baseline for Serves

Change your positions on the baseline to change the angle of your serves to your opponent.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Link for Chemistry--Bonus

for the bonus, you must print out the page and staple it in your notebook.


How would you fix this forehand?

there are many ways to fix a forehand

How to Improve your baseline movement

there are many ways to improve your movement

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to recover for lobs in doubles

so many people do this wrong...it's unbelievable.

Girls School: Classic forehand with a rock?

a classic forehand style


How to play Doubles in TROUBLE

you got to be able to defend


How to CLEAR THE BAR on your volley

you have to follow through


Get out of my WAY DOUBLES

it's like playing singles with an obstacle...


A Beautiful One-handed Backhand

this is almost as pretty as mine


Doubles: What shot to hit?

so you want to be good in doubles, you got to have a plan. tactics so you do the same things over and over


Singles Tactics: Approaching the NET pt 2

do you have a plan? You have to have a plan? heck, people make reservations for dinner more than plan on going to net...


tough matches are when you're not playing well


There are three cases where you can go down the line

I got this from a USPTA convention but it works.


Singles Tactics: Approaching the NET

You need a technique to come to net


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sim vs G warmups Feb 2009

sim and i warming up...sigh. everyone wants their match on the web now...

Sim vs G Singles Feb 2009

for my buddy sim to see

The little things in Life: Backhand Return

it's the little things in life


Down the line? ARE YOU NUTS?

you got to know when to use the down the line

Monday, February 16, 2009

Groundstrokes Assessment Video: Every 3 months

you got to do it every few months


Sample singles Match: Aggressive Baseliner pt 2

our second set


Tennis Academy Basics: Routine Drills

How to READ serves between Flat and Kick

this is an important difference to notice

How to hit the one handed backhand

Demonstration of Volleys

this is my thing. I can volley. don't ask me how--well you can, but it's what I can always do.

How to READ a backhand?

Anticipation is 51% guessing...

Mental Toughness: How do you REACT?

Get it out of your system in a controlled and mature manner...not like this.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sample Doubles: The Comeback

you got to love a good old fashioned comeback

How to hit the CLASSIC Forehand.

simple and effective


What is wrong with this forehand?

be nice. this is my forehand after all


How to hit the Running Slice Backhand

yeah baby, one of my best shots


How to Finish with your Forehand!

You got to love this point

Girls School: How to hit the Two-Handed Backhand

This is kind of an oldschool backhand, but it's simple and solid.

Tennis Strategy: High Low Patterns:

Hit it high with topspin and low with slice...and people will hate you.

How to beat the finesse player part 1


How to use Middle Patterns

start simple and work on it


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Executing the Sneak Attack

if you got good groundstrokes, you got to complement it with good volleys

Tennis Drills Coaches DON'T FEED: Attackers/defenders

some drills are better if the students feed, you get more reps, and the art of feeding is taught as well as touch.

Microsoft Warning as well as SIGN UP warnings

so this past week in the never ending quest for more hits on my youtube site--hey it's about networking, you know. I'm so close to making a dvd--now I just got to get a hot model to teach and demonstrate and we're off...

I do like that idea.

Anyways so I'm signing up for hi5, bebo, orkut, mixx, digg, etc... and doing all the registration blah blah blah. It took about 30 minutes or so...then, Wham...

I'm getting these emails the next day like hey what's with the internet sites blah blah..and I'm like...what are you talking about? and then, i'm like hmmm... apparently it sent out something using my address book BUT it didn't ask me. My friend said it might be a pre-click thing--like it's clicked already... WT...

so be careful.

I just updated my windowslive and this time, I was looking for it. They had something to make my search engine yahoo or something like that--no msn... and I was like HUH? and it had words like this would preclude any requests to change... I'm like... MAN Heck no.. WT... and so now I'm looking at everything, it wanted to make my default email windowslive which is no problem, but it also wanted to make msn messenger my default. um... I only have two friends on msn messenger.


How to be Mentally Tough! Step two

Mental toughness is a skill that needs to be practiced in match play.

Mental Rituals on Volleys

Every shot has a ritual. what's yours?

How to hit the inside out Backhand Return

this is the toughest return there is.


How to be Mentally Tough on the forehand return

if you ever played baseball, it's the same concept. you get in the box, plan out your things, do your rituals, and wham


Friday, February 13, 2009

Mental Toughness: Serving at 2-5

EVeryone talks about mental toughness, this is a demonstration of what was going through my mind on our comeback.


Sample Singles Match: Aggressive Baseliner

My friend is a very good aggressive baseliner, and we have a great match


Mental Toughness: Short Rituals for Second Serve Returns

You have long rituals for big points and short rituals for small points and everyday things


How To Train with PRessure!

Add the audience to your group lessons and you got instant pressure.


How to teach the Forehand and Backhand

this is a great beginner drill and in the beginning it's all about form


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Topics for Exam Ep 4

Ch 11--types of reactions

ch 12--Stoichemistry
limiting reagents
percent yield

ch 13
kinetic theory of gases, liquids, and solids
melting, boiling, and evaporation
conversion of kpascals to atms
crystal structure--cubics

exam covers ch 8-13

read through topics on ch 8-11.

SAmple Doubles: Playing the Finesse Player

you got to be patient with the finesse player and keep attacking


How to Disguise your return

you got to learn to hide your shots.


How boys hit the Modern Forehand.

Boys usually use a little more arm power and less technique than girls--but you can learn a lot from guys and girls--use the power of the guys with the form of the girls.


The Forehand: Simple vs Complex 2

The simple forehand is easier to hit and less wear on your arm, BUT to get mad spin and pace, the complex or modern forehand is awesome, but it hurts.


Return of Serve Drill for large groups

sadly, this drill is probably more scary for the pro than the players. it's a good way to get your players to combine returns and volleys


How to be mentally tough! Step One

it all starts with a simple exercise


Mental Toughness: The Serve

You control all aspects of this shot, yet it's one of the most difficult to hit. I've seen great pros double fault on match point... Verdasco...damn...


Mental Toughness: The Return

you got to have rituals

How to READ a serve.

You always wonder how people do this...


Tennis Games: Cross-Eyed

I learned this game from a National 14 and under coach.


Tennis Games: Olympic Tennis

this game requires two volleyers, two baseliners, and away we go...

Tennis Drills: Two Line Drill Warm-ups

one of the most basic and effective ways to run a large group is to break up the lines


LEFTY Topspin Slice Serve

This is an unusual serve--popular with lefties--slice and topspin put together.


How to hit the RUNNING Backhand!

This is a great shot of a girl running backhand


Girls Modern Two-Handed Backhand

This girl has a great two handed backhand.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to hit the TOPSPIN Lob!

It's all about the form, contact, and the drive


Reading the Woman's Classic Serve

This is an old school serve, but it's very flat and effective


Textbook Doubles: Low BALL at the net.

you got to be smart about the low ball-know when to attack


The Girls' INside Out Forehand

This is how I'm teaching my daughter to hit an inside out forehand


The Slingshot Forehand Girl-school

This is an old school popular shot with girls. I call it the sling shot, as they set it and let it fly.


How to teach a Junior Player to hit a forehand.

It starts young, but it's all about form when they're young


Girlschool: How to hit a SLICE two-HANDED backhand .

I love two handed backhand slices


Girls School: How to hit the Jump Serve

it's a bit different when you're a girl, but technically, it's the same


How to Read the Lefty Serve Ad side

You need to learn how to handle the lefty ad serve especially


How to hit the High Roller Forehand

Everyone needs to know how to hit this high roller rally ball.


Improve your Service Return NOW

this is how you can improve your return immediately


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Modern Forehand

it's versatile, spinny, and powerful


How to Read the One-Handed Backhand

It's all in the shoulder


GIrls Modern Backhand Return of Serve

Focus on her balance, racquet prep, and concentration. it's awesome.


Reading the Unorthodox Volleyer

Focus on the racquet, not the form, watch the ball leave the frame.


Reading the Slice Serve

you got to focus on the ball before impact and the racquet after


A question about formations and strategy from a fan

hi, whats your advice on this.
Feb 10, 2009
I want to fist say thx for your advice last time it was really helpful. but i have a few more questions to ask. when i play doubles with my partner we are very different but we work well together. He has the sharper vollys while i have the more powerful vollys. he has a big flat serve, but his spin serves are not very good. i have a big flat serve to but neither of ours are consistant, so i use a topspin serve during doubles. i swich it up between slice and topspin and sometimes flat.
i have a much more powerful drive and baseline game but he is somewhat more consistant. i move a lot to run around my forehands while he uses a good two handed backhand.
do you know what formation or statagys we might use. We randomly choose who will be which side when reciving.
we are both very aggressive and attack orientated but sometimes its up to me to be defensive cause he won't.
any advice?

is it better if you're on the ad.

i have a partner who hits a great inside out on the ad side. he rarely misses it. we tried switching with him on the fh, but it's pretty normal on that side. he hits the forehand and ends up just rallying with the other person's forehand, But when he plays the ad side, his forehand goes to the backhand, he has a great slice crosscourt backhand, and a very good overhead.

so my answer:

can your partner hit the two hander away from the net person from the deuce side? if he cannot, have him play the ad while you play the deuce. when you play the deuce, hit all forehands. you run around everything and just nail it crosscourt mixing in some down the lines.

you play the spin game so your serves are different from your partners mixing in an occasional flat serve--all your spin serves aim it to the backhand of your opponent 80% of the time. same thing on the replies, you just hit all forehands. it's half a court. hitting a forehand should be kind of easy. if you get a backhand, can you lob? or slice it away from the net person?

you can play one up and one back. it's the easiest. if you can both play up at net, do it. but if worse comes to worse, play two back on the first serve, and move up on the second. alot of pros are doing that now.

good luck

Complate Kick Serve Lesson: Steps 1-5

this is it. all the progressions in one


Ways to Analyze a Service Motion

We show you the way to analyze a service motion and start a change through progressions


Making a Forehand Weapon: Inside out Forehand

Reps are what you need to construct a weapon


Better Forehand through Rotation

you have to rotate to have a better forehand


Girl's Modern Forehand Drive

The modern forehand as a girl would hit it.


GIrls Modern Backhand Return of Serve

This is how I want my daughter to play. her backhand and game is so modern.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Textbook Singles: Running Plays

you need to have preset plays when you play tennis


Tennis Elbow Cure part 2

as you age, repetitive motions are bad


Dropshot in Doubles

sometimes it's the only option


Textbook Doubles: Angle-Ism 1

Hit the angles baby--it's all about placement, not power.


A Simple Step to Improving your Serve

This is a small step for man, but a big step for your serve


Teaching the Serve: Full Extension

This is so fun for kids to do


Textbook Doubles: Partner GONE

sometimes you're all alone


Change your Forehand: Simple to NEW

this is what I'm trying to do, and it's rough


Backhand Dropshot

you got to do this sometimes...not all the time maybe two or three in a SET


Backhand Dropshot

you got to do this sometimes...not all the time maybe two or three in a SET


Lob Volley Proper USE

Use it at the RIGHT time


Textbook Doubles: SERVE and VOLLEY

you got to do this if you play doubles...well...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drop shot Serve and Volley

this is so cool

Tennis Academy Basics: First Day Evaluations

got to separate based on ability and age, and you have to do it fast


Tennis Drills: Serve like Andy

another student favorite


Teaching the Overhead

The step by step method of teaching the overhead


Tennis Games: Beat the Coach

every student's dream


Tennis Games: Pepper Volleys

This is kind of a dangerous drill, but a necessary one for volleys


Textbook Doubles: Best Backhand Shot Angle-ism 2

My favorite shot ever


Improve your Power on your Strokes

A really simple and good idea


Tennis Academy Basics: First 10 minutes of Everyday

it's all about routines


Tennis Games: SIngles Champs

kids love this drill but i do think it's slow


Improve your Service Return NOW

this will make your return better today


Friday, February 6, 2009

Tennis Games: Singles Challenge

kids love games like this one


Tennis Games for Big Groups: Champs Doubs

this is one of the best games for large groups


Teaching the Serve: Fixing it

this is an example of a lesson, and How i went about fixing a serve


The Modern Forehand

Everyone hits this now. try it


Tennis Elbow Cure

Firm believer in this--weight training is necessary


Teaching the Jump Serve

there are many ways to learn this


Secrets to a Huge Serve

you want to serve BIG even if you're short...


Textbook Singles: Running Plays

you have to think of tennis as a running set plays like football


Tennis Elbow Cure part 2

weights again...every week, I have to lift or my arm dies


Dropshot in Doubles

The dangerous but coolest shot in terms of pizaaz


Textbook Doubles: Angle-Ism 1

it's not about power, it's about grace... placement wins.


Tennis Elbow Cure

as you age, it's all about weight training


A Simple Step to Improving your Serve

sometimes it's a little thing that makes a big difference


Teaching the Serve: Full Extension

one of my better serving drills--I got it from someone? I forget


Textbook Doubles: Partner GONE

Sometimes you're along be patient and stay with it


Change your Forehand: Simple to NEW

you got to evolve


Textbook Doubles: Old School Shot

I am old school


Textbook Doubles: Pop-ups to STAY

if they lock and load, run


Textbook Tennis: When to go Down the Line

you got to be able to do this


Sneak Volley

another necessary skill for the all court player


Topspin Lobs to Beat the Serve and Volleyer

You got to do this or I'll close in all the time and start annihilating volleys


Textbook Doubles: Lobbing off the Return

one of the most underused shots ever


Textbook Doubles: Playing the Net Step 2

are you organized?


Textbook Doubles: Returning Serve Step 3

be organized


Textbook Doubles: Sample Match

me and the yams vs lance and kyle


Demonstration of a College Recruitment Video

just make sure you show all the shots


Full Warm-up

nothing like an organized warm up


Doubles Match Pearl Harbor Challenge

devin andersen and jt ash against US...me and the yams


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Textbook Doubles: Poaching Off the Return

got to do this!


Sample Singles Match: Coach vs Student

every now and then you should do this.


Beating the Dinker: step 1

you got to learn how to defeat this player


Sample Singles Match: Coach vs Student set 2

me and the britters battling...


Sample exam final ep 4 BONU

sample exam ep 4

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. According to the kinetic theory, collisions between molecules in a gas ____.
a. are perfectly elastic c. never occur
b. are inelastic d. cause a loss of total kinetic energy

____ 2. The average speed of oxygen molecules in air is about ____.
a. 0 km/h c. 1700 km/h
b. 170 km/h d. 17,000 km/h

____ 3. Standard conditions when working with gases are defined as ____.
a. 0 K and 101.3 kPa c. 0 C and 101.3 kPa
b. 0 K and 1 kPa d. 0 C and 1 kPa

____ 4. How does the atmospheric pressure at altitudes below sea level compare with atmospheric pressure at sea level?
a. The atmospheric pressure below sea level is higher.
b. The atmospheric pressure below sea level is lower.
c. The pressures are the same.
d. Differences in pressures cannot be determined.

____ 5. The temperature at which the motion of particles theoretically ceases is ____.
a. –273 K c. 0 C
b. 0 K d. 273 C

____ 6. Consider an iron cube and an aluminum cube. If the two cubes were at the same temperature, how would the average kinetic energy of the particles in iron compare with the average kinetic energy of the particles in aluminum?
a. The average kinetic energy of the iron particles would be greater.
b. The average kinetic energy of the aluminum particles would be greater.
c. There would be no difference in the average kinetic energies.
d. No determination can be made based on the information given.

____ 7. The average kinetic energy of water molecules is greatest in ____.
a. steam at 100 C c. liquid water at 373 K
b. liquid water at 90 C d. ice at 0 C

____ 8. What is the key difference between a liquid and a gas?
a. intermolecular attractions c. average kinetic energy
b. the ability to flow d. the motion of their particles

____ 9. If a liquid is sealed in a container and kept at constant temperature, how does its vapor pressure change over time?
a. It continues to steadily increase.
b. It increases at first, then remains constant.
c. It increases at first, then decreases.
d. It continues to steadily decrease.

____ 10. An increase in the temperature of a contained liquid ____.
a. has no effect on the kinetic energy of the liquid
b. causes the vapor pressure above the liquid to decrease
c. causes fewer particles to escape from the surface of the liquid
d. causes the vapor pressure above the liquid to increase

____ 11. When the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure, the liquid ____.
a. has no observable changes. c. evaporates.
b. boils vigorously. d. begins to boil.

____ 12. Compared to the melting points of ionic compounds, the melting points of molecular solids tend to be ____.
a. similar c. lower
b. unpredictable d. higher

____ 13. Most solids ____.
a. are dense and difficult to compress c. are amorphous
b. are able to flow d. have a disorderly structure

____ 14. Crystals are classified into how many different crystal systems?
a. 4 c. 6
b. 5 d. 7

____ 15. The smallest group of particles in a crystal that retains the shape of the crystal is called the ____.
a. cube c. cage
b. unit cell d. crystal lattice

____ 16. The escape of molecules from the surface of a liquid is known as ____.
a. condensation c. evaporation
b. boiling d. sublimation

____ 17. The direct change of a substance from a solid to a gas is called ____.
a. evaporation c. condensation
b. sublimation d. solidification

Textbook Doubles: Baseliner's Job

keep it simple...and life is good


How to hit a Faster Flat Serve

this is one of the better drills to improve your flat serve


Angle Shots

I love angle shots


How to Aim your Serve


How to Hit a Harder Jump Serve

you got to do this!


Kick Serve: Back Arch and Spring

careful with this--your back muscles must be balanced out with your ab muscles and loose hamstrings.


Textbook Doubles: Returning Serve Styles

unfortunately girls doubles and lob are pretty much two words that go hand in hand.


Textbook Doubles: Returning Serve

this is so basic, but so un learned yet...


Doubles: Beat the Lobber

so hard to break this pattern


Textbook Doubles: Playing the Net

girls and net...two things that don't go together


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


got to learn how to his this



I hate teaching this shot


Doubles: 2nd Annual Hawaii Challenge

course you know who wins


we always win :D

Doubles: 2nd Annual Hawaii Challenge 2nd set

one of my better matches


Textbook Doubles: Returner's Partner's Job

the returners job is so important


Serving in Doubles: Where?

it's about planning and possibilities


Poaching: When to Cross

get a feel for it... figure it out, where are they returning?


Swinging Forehand Volley

this is a shot you got to have


Doubles Finishing Shots: Slice Putaway

this is so cool


Doubles: When to Poach

when to go is the question


Doubles: When to Poach part 2

got to know the time


Doubles: Warm-ups for 2nd Hawaiian Challenge

hahaha so fun


Serve Lesson one: Grip, Stance, and Toss

how to serve


Wall Drill: Serving And Volleying First Step

this is how to practice it against the wall.


Textbook Doubles: Playing the Net

this is how you do it


Tennis Games for Little Kids

great drills to start

Backhand Slice Lesson One: Contact and Swing

it starts slowly--here's the contact and swing


Forehand Topspin Drive

you got to be able to do this


Backhand Drive

this is my shot

Lob Volley BEWARE

know when to lob


Backhand Volley: Basics

can you do this


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roger--a great article


Men don't cry, but when Roger Federer does....
By Tulsathit Taptim
The Nation
Published on February 4, 2009

I WASN'T much of a Roger Federer fan. Well, that was until the Australian Open tennis final three days ago. Until AFTER the final, to be exact. In fact, as an admirer of Pete Sampras, whose astonishing record of 14 Grand Slam titles is in danger of being broken by the Swiss player, I was quietly hoping Rafael Nadal would put Federer to the sword on Sunday, which is what happened.

When Federer's last shot sailed long to give Nadal the elusive Australian Open title, I was satisfied. But I had no idea what was to follow. I had no idea, most of all, that tears could also be a man's most powerful weapon.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Barack Obama's presidential inauguration spectacular, and I thought his speech was inspirational and simply great. But boy, maybe only Roger Federer can sweep you off your feet with just a couple of sentences and a couple of teardrops.

The tennis showdown was up there with the best sporting encounters in history. But to me, the real "moment" of the Australian Open final came after the match was over. And it wasn't even when Federer tried unsuccessfully to fight back tears. The guy is well known for crying easily and his fans are no strangers to his outbreaks of emotion. This time it was rather different, though. His were not tears of joy because he was on the losing end of a major final he wanted so much to win. He approached the microphone during the trophy presentation ceremony trying very hard not to cry. He even said a few words to loosen himself up and distract his own heavy heart. When someone in the audience shouted, "We love you!", his efforts at self-control were in vain.

Speechless and choked with emotion, there was no way in the world Federer could utter a word to the crowd without crumbling like a heartbroken schoolgirl on her best friend's shoulder. The organisers decided to let him retreat and have Nadal, the winner, address the spectators first. (For a few seconds I had this scary feeling that Nadal, who was looking emotional himself, might be infected and break down, too. That would have turned a beautiful, touching moment into something a bit ridiculous. I mean, two heartthrob athletes crying at the end of a Grand Slam final? That would be one man too many.)

But Federer, who started it, rescued it. And he did so graciously. As the organisers were looking rather awkward and unsure after handing Nadal the trophy, Federer stepped up toward the microphone. "Let me try again," he said. "I don't want to have the last word; this guy deserves it."

With that, he had me. What can I say? We have all been in situations where everyone wants to have the last word and opponents are there to be humbled, not respected. Federer showed us the soft side of a man and his sense of sportsmanship and fair play at the same time. It's easy to praise your rivals when you are on the winning side; handling a devastating defeat in such a manner is different.

The five-set Australian Open final took our breath away. Federer was absolute tennis poetry in motion, and Nadal's extension of his mastery of clay to other surfaces continues to amaze the world. It was the kind of game you didn't really want either man to lose; a classic clash of different skills that were equally superb; a demonstration of unbelievable composure and stamina; and a great example of what healthy and constructive rivalry can give us.

Without Federer, Nadal would not be where he is, and vice versa. That must have been the thought on Federer's mind when he decided that, despite the trophy and fan's deafening roars of approval, Nadal's deserved honour would not have been complete without the most important element - true respect from his fiercest rival.

Like someone said, the two players are becoming the best things in tennis since the racket itself. That's surely arguable, but we can't take anything away from the touching and inspiring drama that happened after the game. For more than four hours, the two men played like battling angels unleashing balls of fire against each other, nothing on their minds except victory at the other's expense. But in the end the rivals became a pair, and glided down to earth to show us the good side of human beings.

Tennis Warm-ups: Overheads

get into position


Low Volleys

this is how we roll


Forehand Discussion: Simple is Better

sometimes simple is better


Volleys when you open the court

i like winning


Forehand Adjustments During a Match

so rough when your forehand is off


Lobs: What to do

keep it simple man


The Best Passing Shot

and i lost that day suck


Golf Swing: Day One

but i got a great fade....


Travel Sight: Khon Kaen Song Kran

this was actually fun...except being wet for like 13 hours

Forehand: High Balls

why do people hate these


Forehand Grips: Differences

there are significant differences


Overheads: Hands Up

get that hand up for your shoulder


Ball Pick-ups

because tennis pros don't bend over...


Monday, February 2, 2009

Serve and Volley Step One

yeah baby my specialty


Serve and Volley: Step Two

yeah baby my specialty


Serve and Volley: the Half-Volley

a nice backhand half volley


Doubles: Poaching off the Return

you got to do this...


Attacking Returns in Doubles: Catch the return EarLY

you got to do this to be good in doubles


unless they have monster serves

Doubles: Serving and Volleying

it's all about getting to the net


Tennis Doubles Video: Use it to Improve

march 26 2008 I was playing bad


Tennis Doubles: Forehand Return Stance

it's all about planning


Tennis Doubles: Triangle Serving

This is very mathematical but it's LOGICAL TOO...oh dumb people might not get this... :D


Forehand Half Volley

one of my best ones ever


Sample Doubles: Watch the Net Player Movement

me, Jom, Pete, and Duk april 2008


How to serve and volley part 1

it begins with a plan


Tennis Return of Serve: Where to hit your return

and how to play the points out after

Tennis Serve and Volley: Close IN to FInish

you have to judge the right moment--because if they lob and you take one step in...you are TOAST, but if they hit to you and you close in...YOU ARE THE MAN...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Backhand Return: Open Stance Style

Hey I hit open


Tennis Doubles Strategy: Play the Middle, Over and OUT

some good doubles


The Jump Serve: By a girl.

this girl was good


Tennis Strategy: Offense or Defense?

got to know when to attack and when to chill


Tennis Analysis: Some Days you're just off why?

hate when I suck


Forehand and Backhands: the WARM-up...

organize organize organize

Forehand and Backhands: the WARM-up...

warm ups


Groundstroke Warm-ups

organize it

Forehand Return: Close the Face

wow me one year ago


Tennis Warm-ups using the Wall part 1 of 2

be organized

Tennis Warm-ups using the Wall Part 2 of 2

when you're desperate...


The Backhand: Grip and Swing Review

a review


Backhand Lesson 6: The Hip Turn

the hip turn is so important on the backhand


Backhand Lesson 4: The Different Zones

this is from me and some of my friends--the zones.


Forehand Defense:

I'm a sinner... i sliced my forehand... there are different ways to play defense. here are a few. the cool thing is this was one year ago... and i think I was sucking...


The Forehand: Game Video Analysis

sometimes it's good to see yourself play


Tennis Coaching: Home Strength Training pt 1 of 3

start slowly first


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