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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A question about formations and strategy from a fan

hi, whats your advice on this.
Feb 10, 2009
I want to fist say thx for your advice last time it was really helpful. but i have a few more questions to ask. when i play doubles with my partner we are very different but we work well together. He has the sharper vollys while i have the more powerful vollys. he has a big flat serve, but his spin serves are not very good. i have a big flat serve to but neither of ours are consistant, so i use a topspin serve during doubles. i swich it up between slice and topspin and sometimes flat.
i have a much more powerful drive and baseline game but he is somewhat more consistant. i move a lot to run around my forehands while he uses a good two handed backhand.
do you know what formation or statagys we might use. We randomly choose who will be which side when reciving.
we are both very aggressive and attack orientated but sometimes its up to me to be defensive cause he won't.
any advice?

is it better if you're on the ad.

i have a partner who hits a great inside out on the ad side. he rarely misses it. we tried switching with him on the fh, but it's pretty normal on that side. he hits the forehand and ends up just rallying with the other person's forehand, But when he plays the ad side, his forehand goes to the backhand, he has a great slice crosscourt backhand, and a very good overhead.

so my answer:

can your partner hit the two hander away from the net person from the deuce side? if he cannot, have him play the ad while you play the deuce. when you play the deuce, hit all forehands. you run around everything and just nail it crosscourt mixing in some down the lines.

you play the spin game so your serves are different from your partners mixing in an occasional flat serve--all your spin serves aim it to the backhand of your opponent 80% of the time. same thing on the replies, you just hit all forehands. it's half a court. hitting a forehand should be kind of easy. if you get a backhand, can you lob? or slice it away from the net person?

you can play one up and one back. it's the easiest. if you can both play up at net, do it. but if worse comes to worse, play two back on the first serve, and move up on the second. alot of pros are doing that now.

good luck

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