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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Microsoft Warning as well as SIGN UP warnings

so this past week in the never ending quest for more hits on my youtube site--hey it's about networking, you know. I'm so close to making a dvd--now I just got to get a hot model to teach and demonstrate and we're off...

I do like that idea.

Anyways so I'm signing up for hi5, bebo, orkut, mixx, digg, etc... and doing all the registration blah blah blah. It took about 30 minutes or so...then, Wham...

I'm getting these emails the next day like hey what's with the internet sites blah blah..and I'm like...what are you talking about? and then, i'm like hmmm... apparently it sent out something using my address book BUT it didn't ask me. My friend said it might be a pre-click thing--like it's clicked already... WT...

so be careful.

I just updated my windowslive and this time, I was looking for it. They had something to make my search engine yahoo or something like that--no msn... and I was like HUH? and it had words like this would preclude any requests to change... I'm like... MAN Heck no.. WT... and so now I'm looking at everything, it wanted to make my default email windowslive which is no problem, but it also wanted to make msn messenger my default. um... I only have two friends on msn messenger.


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