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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ladies thoughts in the Aussie

I neglected the women.

My thoughts after watching Safina storm back is...How did she get into trouble with Alize Cornet? But she is Marat's sister...

Venus is done--she's out so fast, I didn't get to see her play.

Ana is once again the Paper Tiger--I really think Rolex goofed on that one--but the Ladies side is so difficult. Maria is hurt. Jankovic is probably the weakest Number One player ever--How can you be NUMBER ONE without winning a Grand Slam... Tennis rankings always make me mental.

Serena is one big woman, but she moves very well and hits a ton. and I love Zheng--I loved her from Wimbledon BUT although she is a hitting machine, she is a small hitting machine and serves like she's a small hitting machine.

Bartolli plays Zvonerava? Bartolli beat Jankovic--I keep thinking about Weird Al Yankovic--but to me--Jankovic has no serve--BUT she has beaten the Williams sisters--one of them, and that is saying a lot... Alot about the women's game--come on. Davenport came back from laying off for like 8 months after being pregnant and Hingis was out a few years... along with Jennifer... McEnroe missed 6 or 7 months, and he couldn't come back... hmmm

Anyways Bartolli is hot right now, and the truth is I don't know who Zvonerava is soooo...push, going with Bartolli against the higher seed. Comment... why are tennis girls so BIG... I mean you are a professional tennis player not the stay puff marshmallow man... come on. Bartolli... the girl Dokic beat. course, they do move, but gosh, if they lost some kilos...harsh. I know. but hey, if you can't tell your shoe laces are tied by looking down... I mean really. Even Alisa Kleybanova who lost to Dokic... She's a big girl also--and honey, when you're playing an Aussie at the Aussie, try to be nice, don't give fuel to the fire by being so...harsh.. Up 5-2... man.

Safina plays Dokic. That's really bad news for Safina. 1) Dokic is a hitting machine, than move, serve, and volley plus HIT. She hits a ton. 2) She's an Aussie--how she is an Aussie with a name like Elena Dokic beats me, but hey, I'm American with a name like Sakuma... Dokic is going to beat the up and down Safina. That pains me to write... I dig Safina--I don't know why. BUT DOKIC is an ICE MAIDEN... watch her play, she does this weird looking at the service line or something mesmerizing thing before she hits her return...hmmm no emotions...none, but she has a history of parental interference so maybe she learned to zone it all out.

Navarro who beat Venus plays Garrigues the 21 seed. Hmmm. I don't even know who Navarro is or Garrigues...and my name is Gary. so I go with the hot player--Navarro.

Dementievea---you got to love that name plays another women with more vowels than consonants...cibulkova... I'm not making this up so I go with Dementieva...gosh, sounds like a disease more than a tennis player. Dem--she can hit, but her serve is so stinky...and she's number four in the world...hmmm

Kuznetova plays Zheng... I love Zheng. She's hot, hits a ton, and runs forever. Course, she's three feet tall. i am pulling for Zheng, but the courts are slow, the ball will bounce high, and size kills... Zheng in three? I'm hoping...

Serena plays Azarenka. Never saw her play. got to give this one to Serena. She's a big, hitting, and movable machine... Her biggest weapon is her serve and her return, if you get her into long rallies and wear her down--her serve weakens as does her return plus she'll start going for bigger and bigger shots. Those are the matches she loses, but Az--is one small looking lady... Best of luck, but Serena looks like the money pick.

Navarro advances against Dementieva to face the winner of Zheng/Serena--sorry Zheng, but Serena is way too powerful. Dementieva has beaten Serena before, but this is women's so it just matters which Serena shows up. Money pick is serena...sorry. Hey I want Zheng..

On the other side, whomever wins Safina/Dokic advances. I actually think Dokic has a shot at Serena...but the others...no. DOkic in three over Serena...

But I'm biased--she is an Aussie and I swear ice runs in her veins...

Lots of variables though, I don't watch a lot of the women so I really don't know who the vowel girls are. BUT dang, Russia is doing something right, there are so many in the draw. and the Americans... We got Serena who wasn't even playing in the USTA circuits as a junior...hmmm

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