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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ode to a Sleepless night. and things that go hmmm

I should have gone out tonight.

So I'm lying in bed, counting my second flock of sheep. Flock the sheep, I say as I read the net...

Hmm...Ministry of health wants 500 million to combat depression in thailand... course, you realize that thailand has 65 million people. I think they would be better served giving everyone 5 million and calling it even.

Barack won :D and the world pauses as we see what happens...oh wait, Jan 20th. explain that to a thai person. he won. yes, the results are in. no. he takes office three months from now. why? hmmm...because. yeah. because.

my cowboys stink, my celtics rock, usc is 7th after winning 56-0 over UW... we were fourth before. Damn, what would have happened if we lost...

cold weather has been forecasted for Dec and January..it's going to drop one degree...hmmm...

I'm loving youtube...

but I think... I wonder if I should be like lonelygirl115? or whatever she was... but I'm not that into my story.

my red sox are done. hmm... if you spend 203 million for baseball, what do you get? Ask the yankees... last place in the division losing to a team that's spending 44 million. course, my sox are paying 184 million... wtf.

damn. I didn't know baseball came made out of diamonds. I mean come on. Dice-K cost 53 million just to talk to the boy. another 50 million or SO to sign. I mean the guy pitches every 5th game? JEEZ...and if he throws a 100 pitches, he's done. Damn, that would be like me teaching every other week, and if I talk for more than 15 minutes straight, I get a relief lecturer...

kay, it's almost 11. I want to wake up at 5:34 to go workout. why 34? because it's a typo... and it's really 38. why 38 because it's 4 minutes later than 34. the gym opens at 6. i need 7 minutes to get ready, dressed, and go. 10 minutes to get there. 5 minutes to get up the elevator. my workout takes 34 minutes. I get back home at 650. repeat, shower, change, and i'm at school by 714...then, check email, facebook, youtube, and go eat breakfast at 740. hit the line up at 7:50. yep. it's a crazy worl isn't it.

and thursdays I teach classes in the afternoon only :D and it's tennis...ahahahh

so as I lay here on my bed, thinking about things, and pondering my near future. I think. I think i need some sleep. I think a part of me misses hawaii. but i can see myself here for a bit. sigh.

alas, it's getting late. and i'm getting tired.

good night world, tomorrow is another day... hmmm.

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