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Monday, March 2, 2009

Midnight Weary

It's almost midnight, in my life and this day.

My mother once told me a lot of things, and it's funny because at this moment, they are all so fleeting. Nothing sticks in my head. She warned me to beware of women because like your father, you can love more than one woman at a time. I never understood that. She told me to think more with my head and not with my heart. She wanted what was best for me. In the maelstorm called life, chaos often reigns yet within the insanity there is often order.

so as this night gets quite dreary--on a hot, humid night somewhere where my heart is. I do what I always do. Check up on where I am.

Maybe tonight is a night to offer some wisdom and warnings for the next generation. 1) There is more than one One. 2) Be good at something. 3) Live the dream.

I have numerous settled friends and equally numerous unsettled ones. I can understand both of them to a degree. The settled ones are out of the game completely, they have accepted the life of 2.5 kids and a dog while the unsettled ones are questing for the perfect woman.

there is no perfect woman. wake up. you're like the stock market, everything is going down, losing value, yet your eyes want more bang for your buck so to speak. It's not about settling, it's about valuing what is truly important in a woman. It's always been three things--loyalty, love, and honor. You can find a woman with those three--your good. The beauty and the passionate sex will fade. Life will be about the bills, work, and cleaning. But if she is loyal to you and truly loves you with honor. Don't get me wrong. I've been loved by some women, disdained by most, but the truth is if you can find that. Stay with it. It's hard to find. and Honor her.

And honor can mean many, many things. Read the actions, not the word. Understand the motives... and yes, unfortunately, trust her so you can be burned because with one foot out the door, that's not love.

Be good at something to separate yourself.

I have spent an eternity with a racquet, but it does not define me, it's a part of me. Life will go on without tennis. But I'm good at it. I can play with 90% of the people in the world--if I don't know you, the odds are after hitting with you. I will. Tennis tells me everything about you--do you cheat when you play? Are you aggressive, passive, or simply, there. Do you have fire and passion? why do you play?

Be good at something whatever it is.

Never ever let the dream die. This is Flashdance. Once the dream dies,you are simply a drone in the beehive of life. There is no purpose. Have a grand plan. 5 year, 10 year, 25 years. Live it. And don't get me wrong. Life isn't easy. Life is a bitch on pms. Life can be the hardest thing in the world, but you know what, tomorrow, the sun will come up and the day will continue.

Trust me. I have been in cold, bleak places alone and eating spam. There is more to life than just living.

the moral of the story. You're probalby going to live your life the way you want to. But if you could just take some advice in the road of life. If it helps, than so be it.

life with honor

because there is karma. everyone who lives without honor that i know has suffered for it.

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