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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working on my Ten Rules of Tennis for Singles==thoughts?

Ten rules of tennis
1. Serve with variety
Grid on returner
Inherent weaknesses of the grip
Standing farther back advantages/disadvantages
2. Return progressively
Chip to get it back
Chip charge
Second serve use your forehand
3. Groundstrokes in the Rally
Zone Defense
High clearance for depth
Play weakness
Rope a dope shots
Down the lines get crosscourts
Crosscourts get sharp angles
Don’t slice off a slice
Neutralize drives
Down the line if and only if
Keep it in front of you
4. Passing shots
Keep it low—aim short tee
Down the lines are in the air shorter
Take two to pass
If there’s a third, lob
5. Approach shots
Zone for Approach—triangle from service line
Down the line—play navel tennis
Crosscourt to finish
High bang it, low chip it.
6. Lobs
Aim at their backhand
Topspin beats slice
7. Dropshots

8. Overheads
Ball in the air is faster than dude on the ground
Get beyond it so you can transfer weight back in
9. Serve and Volley
Wide serve, open court finish
Middle serve, two shots to end
Win 2/3—60% to win
10. Mental Toughness
Win 3, rolling. Lose 3, stall
Play the score—ahead/even do what you do best. Behind—attack
Monitor how you feel—too high/too low change your breathing
Mental toughness is a skill that needs to be practiced

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