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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to play with a Chair Umpire

I enjoy the fact that Thailand has umpires, but sometimes, the umpires make calls that make you go? the keys are to know the limitations of the umpire. I've been a chair, and it's hard to make this call.

Now no matter what the umpire calls, if you argue you lose so the key is to just go with the flow and play the balls farther in on those, and in the end, it'll be fine.

Case in point, I played a match against the 5 seed and I was 3--it was in Pattaya. Now as a foreigner you always worry about playing a Thai guy with a Thai umpire, but to be fair, it's been good everytime. The umpire was very consistent about blowing the far baseline call, but my opponent argued a bit. I did argue one call, but I did it jokingly--i was serious but I knew he wouldn't change the call so I knew it wouldn't matter. The key was not to be confrontational because later in the tiebreaker--when I was ahead 5-3, the 5 seed hit this passing shot down the line that landed 4 inches in. The ump callled it out. I just started laughing with my back to him. Moral: why argue? the ump is in a big position to upset the results in the match.

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