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Monday, December 22, 2008

I actually learned something

I'm playing this tournament with a good friend, but a very different person... he's very difficult to play with--always kind of saying things, but astonishingly--unbelievable--I learned something.

1) me the man with the hands--those are called volleys son. needs to poach more, i'm too placid, too uninvolved--we had major disagreement on poaching--my partner varies his serve speed a lot so I was misjudging when to go--he was getting mad at me... and saying things, and I'm like um dude--you got to tell me when you're going to serve the lolly pop and the heater, because the pacing makes my move different--normally, i go when the serve is struck, but his kicker is too slow, and he's right, I have to go when the ball is coming up--but then, sometimes he hits a flattie, and then, i can't get there in time. ANNOYING...

2) I need to bunt my return--best line, if you miss three returns in a row, you have to do something different. that's really smart... DAMN. I should have known that one myself...wtf.

3) serve spin serves and come in... FRACK. I knew this, but it's been awhile since I did it. I held serve everytime but once today...aWEsome!

4) turn my hips on my forehand. Frack. i know this one but I don't do this one... wtf.

it's funny that he's so opposite of me that it's irritating but it makes me better, but sooner or later, he's going to annoy me with his lil comments, and i'm going to say to him...shut the F up... :D :D :D


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