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Monday, December 15, 2008

So I think I know it all? Actually...

I got a new idea for a series of videos using my subscribers as a source. I put up a video of a student and ask for points to fix it. I add my own of course.

the first one is a serve, because HOW CAN SOMETHING YOU CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF be so hard--I mean really. When you serve--you decide when to toss it up and hit it, where to hit it, and you got 30 seconds to do it. Hell, in 30 seconds, I could go to the bathroom and come back--I could eat a sandwich and play. 30 seconds is a long time, but the serve is such sweet sorrow.

case in point, this one hurts my eyes to watch. that's a joke son.

My coaching philosophy starts with a good base, so I would fix his stance, then the toss/racquet prep, and then, address the reaching up. For some reason, reaching up is hard to do for people? See for me, serving was not a problem--getting it in maybe, but serving... eh. now i'm going to get bachi for that statement...

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