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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Intimidation has no place in social setting

This is sadness. There was a time when I used to take tennis way too seriously--don't get me wrong. I was very fortunate to be the junk guy on the court. Classic--I just basically learn how to play and can barely play but my uncle is all jazzed so he takes me out to play with some women--they're league women, and they basically kick my ass even though I was playing with him, and then, they give me attitude.

RULE #1. Never ever give a junior player attitude.

why? because the learning curve is so steep on them. Kids learn tennis so quickly so 6 months later after my JV season, I come back and destroy them. And my coach in high school wasn't very good-we were taught to aim at the net person off the return, off the volley, and off the overhead. We were brutal so naturally I was brutal.

Rule #2. Never underestimate the impact of a coach.

Kids will do what you train them to do. If everyone on your team is doing it, you will do it. Remember that when you teach unethical things to your children...students...loved ones

so back to my story, being the junk guy, I understood what it felt like not to be asked to play--tennis is very much a hierarchy. The better players get better because everyone wants to play with them while the junker players never get to play that much so I try not to be that guy.

And I understand people are trying, even when they miss the ball and they're three inches away from the net.

HOWEVER--playing competitive style during a social setting is very strange to me.

Last night, this guy hit like 8 overheads at me--I volleyed 6 of them in, but still, I was like dude... You need a life. My revenge is that I've played him like 7 times now and won 7 times. Man has no brain--tries to go through people.

Check out what the lady is doing while I serve in the tiebreaker? AND the sad thing is until I looked at the video, I didn't even know she was doing this. BUt my friends did, and they think she's tacky to the point where they tell me not to play mixed with her because it's not fun.

it's towards the end.

and the funny thing is it's only when I serve.

The moral of the story--well, let's put it this way, the next time I play her it's on like donkey kong--competitive players all have that streak and it's very simple--I will now hit the ball as hard as I can to finish and if someone gets in the way, well that's your problem. And I will play extra hard everytime to make sure she loses.

Am i being petty. yes. but is it tennis... AHHAHAHA yes.

it's the hierarchy baby, got to stay on top.

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